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Sydney Freelance Jungle Rides Again!

July 24, 2012

We’re back in the saddle Sydney for our 2nd Sydney  FREELANCE JUNGLE!


sydney freelance jungle

It won’t be this awkward, trust me.

Excited? Oh you better be- there’s people and beer and conversation, oh my!

Think of this as a social club for those of us who freelance and those who are thinking about jumping into the freelance pond.

It brings us all together so we can have a drink, have a chat and just have a bit of FREElancer fun on a Thursday night.

The Freelance Jungle is designed to provide freelancers with a place to go to eat, drink and be merry. You can meet other people and share your highs and lows, get advice and more. All in a welcoming social club environment without the icky sales person vibe.

You are welcome at the Sydney freelance jungle if you:

1. Are getting a tiny bit tired of talking to your sock puppet “workmates”

2. Alternate between shouting “yeah man I love this freelance shindig, boo-yeah!” and rocking backwards and forwards in a tear sodden ball wondering what the hell lead you to make such an insane career decision

3. Are mainlining caffeine on a regular basis and laugh (somewhat deliriously) when people talk of “weekends” and “8 hours sleep”– muahahahahaha!

4. Love it all the same

Last time we learnt some men eat way too many burritos, being a freelance muso is fairly rockin’ and writers have ENORMOUS livers. Who knows what the next instalment holds!

To register for the Sydney Freelance Jungle, go to http://freelancejungle2.eventbrite.com.au/

Want to join the Sydney Freelance Jungle or meet some fun friends in Wollongong and Brisbane via the Freelance Jungle? head to the official Freelance Jungle meetup. 

Looking for events elsewhere? There’s a Freelance Jungle online group on Facebook. Connect up with other freelancers today!

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