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A to Z of Australian Collaborative Consumption

August 6, 2012

Welcome to the A to Z of Australian Collaborative Consumption!

Welcome to a list I hope will grow and come to life as the Australian collaborative consumption movement does!

The list is up to date as of APRIL 2016 (now in 16th revision!?), so if you are missing or know someone who is, let me know!

Couple of Points:

1. I have tried to be accurate with URL and description, however if I have got something wrong somewhere, do let me know this too! Any mistakes are not intentional…my only intent is to share the love for one of the grooviest and most wonderful new movements to hit Australia in recent years.

2.  If you have #collcons business and you want it listed, please leave a comment below. I update the list in rounds and its much easier for me to scan the comments and update from there. And please don’t send me emails saying “You’ve forgotten XYZ business…”- I do my best, but there is a lot of activity around the space. This is a side project for me, not my life’s work.

3. If you happen to have a fantastic or shit time using any of these services, please make sure you give that love or constructive criticism to the site in question. I am just the list provider, not your mum, and as such I accept no responsibility for sending a thank you card or bending their ear on your behalf.

4. I have stopped adding co-working places to this list. It feels like a new co-working space opens every week in Sydney! You can however get this info from the gang at The Fetch and The Loop. 

5. As of July 2013, there is also social media included in the list. If you have social and its absent, I apologise. If it was hard to find or I had to dig, it was missed out in the latest update. Please add it below and I shall add it next time!


A City with a Quirk

Still in the stages of development and planning, A City with a Quirk is your Melbourne connector for like minded activity. The rumbles are already proving to be promising, so keep this in mind if you are looking for a new and interesting way to take a sneaky peek at Melbourne, local style!

Social- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

While still active, A City with a Quirk has become an online news portal and is no longer a collaborative consumption business.


Air BnB 

Originally from the States and now a worldwide phenomenon, AirBnB is probably one of the best known collaborative consumption sites. Here you can find accommodation in people’s own homes and flats all around the world. This is the fun, cheap and interesting way to meet new people as you travel.

AirBnB Social- 


Getting the locals view of experiences, touristy things and off the beaten track with people power. What a great way to discover a city!


AirTasker is for short tasks from household chores through to office work. Similar to Task Rabbit in the United States. Use it for real life tasks as opposed to online work.



I give you creative copywriting lessons, you might give Polly a night off from the kids and Paulie might get his sofa moved- all in the circular motion of the Local Energy Trading Scheme. LETS gives you the opportunity to give new value to your skills, possessions and ideas so you can trade this “energy” with other people. Think of it as barter for the modern day, but without the direct exchange between two parties and more on a community level. There are specific chapters in different regional and urban areas for LETS.



A groovy new ridesharing app designed to take cars and congestion off the road- and qualify you for the carpool lane.


BikeShare (Melbourne) 

There are 51 bike stations and 600 bikes situated around the Melbourne CBD run by the Victorian Government to help alleviate congestion, offer a healthy mode of transport and help keep the air clean. You purchase a ticket which entitles you to a bicycle for set periods of time. It is BYO helmet.

BikeShare on Twitter, BikeShare on Facebook



This nifty little crowdfunding site allows you to make use of collaborative consumption to create wealth through real estate development. Individuals can help property developers create residential and commercial real estate projects. Funds are accumulated by individual supporters who benefit when a return is made.

Broads Abroad

Broads Abroad is a travel network being created by, and for, women who love to travel and meet new people. Link up with women around the world, and exchange free accommodation over short visits. Now that sounds a little dandy now, doesn’t it?


Buy Nothing New Month

Hitting your calendar in the month of Halloween, Sleaze Ball, when rock pigs from all around Australia are out in droves and the NSW Labour Long Weekend is Buy Nothing New Month. Still need a clue? It’s October, baby! This is the month where we consider our purchases carefully- so much so they are off the menu. Buy Nothing New Month is great because you think before you buy that shiny new bauble, you consider whether you do “need” something as opposed to just think you do, and just generally gives us the rest from consumerism our wallets and landfill would like us to have!

BNNM on Twitter



Bring on the happiness of home cooked food through Byfork. You search by location, find a suitable dinner in your area, book it in advance, pick it up and eat some tummy tempting nosh. The difference is you’re eating with home cooks instead of restaurants and helping families reduce food waste through left overs.

Site still live but no activity since Jan 2014



Car Next Door

Car sharing site with a difference. Instead of having a fleet of dedicated cars parked around the place, people list their own cars so other people in the neighbourhood can use them.


Car Pool One 

Carpool to work on a regular basis, jump in with someone for the odd trip around your local city or even use Car Pool One as an alternative way to travel to a holiday destination and back again. As the name suggests, its ride sharing with other people. They list their trip and if it matches what you need to do, you hook up.

Now Coseats


Another car pooling service, Catch a Lift is another way to ride share throughout the country.



The Central Coast is just one of the areas of the LETS system, but it is one of the more active and robust around. LETS is a community based non-profit trading system that enables its members to exchange a wide variety of goods and services using little or no cash.



Bring on the home cooked cuisine, the shared plates and the good tummy times! Fresh out of the #collcon oven is Chef Spotting, a local-based social platform dedicated to foodies. ChefSpotting helps connecting passionate cooks with people who dont know or dont have time to cook. You can discover what is being cooked in your area at a specific time, and then order fresh, home-cooked meals directly from local chefs. Your neighbours becomes your favourite take away. Only better, because everything is home-made. Very strong now in Sydney… only a matter of time before it’s tickling tummies everywhere. 

Chefspotting ceased to show activity in 2012.


Clothing Exchange 

How much crud do you have hanging around in the bottom of your wardrobe that is still in good nick but you have hardly worn or don’t fit into anymore? Clothing Exchange is about meeting up at an event, bringing some of those clothes with you, and swapping it with other people for their stuff. Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra have regular events where you can swap your wardrobe.


Community Garden Network 

Learn how to grow food, manage pests and weeds, compost and generally become more sustainable with your food through producing food at a community level. The Community Garden movement is taking shape through formalised local council projects, private initiatives and movements such as Transition. The aim? Bring people together to grow things together that they can eat, enjoy and share.



Coseats is another ridesharing service. You can share your ride with travellers, backpackers and commuters in Australia. Took me a while to add them as they’d left a comment on a main page as opposed to the directory post so they were included with all the spam comments.



Similar to AirBnB, here is your collaborative consumption accommodation portal. Pitched more at the youthful set in its media and not as big as AirBnB as yet, but it’s growing!


Co-working Spaces

I seriously can’t keep up- luckily The Fetch are. 




Dressed Up

Fashion forward, label lovers rejoice- you can now enjoy the collaborative consumption movement, too! Dressed Up brings together top Australian fashion labels and lets you rent from a virtual wardrobe. Never be caught in the same party dress twice with Dressed Up!


Certainly not a new concept in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Divvy is a formalised platform where you can find car spaces (short term and long term) to park in at home and work. People who have garages, car spaces, front lawn space and so on can set time and availability and people who need parks can choose a space based on that availability and price.



Car sharing is nothing new to Australia- but this is a whole new level. You Joe Six Pack can rent out your vehicle to someone else! From buzz boxes for around town jobs through to ultimate drive dream machines, Drive My Car is about bringing together owners of vehicles who want a bit of driver down time dosh and non-car owners together.




Ever been in a city for business and felt like a Nigel eating alone or wanted to check out the latest fugu restaurant and found your friends not interested? It’s all good- now you can use Eat With Me. As the name suggests, it’s about sharing a meal with someone else, but with the usual collaborative consumption twist- you could be breaking bread at a cafe with people you don’t know, holding a dinner party for complete strangers in your living room or cooking up a storm with the whole neighbourhood. If its food and you want to share it, Eat With Me can help.



eXpertLocal is an online marketplace where you can offer, discover and book local experiences with other like-minded people who share a similar passion, talent or hobby with you. You can either participate in an experience or actually Host an experience! Experiences can be anything ranging from cooking and outdoor activities to meditation and shopping.





Be still my crazy dog lady heart! Anything that combines doing awesome things for dogs with collaborative consumption is a win in my eyes. Luckily, Australian collaborative consumption business Fetcher does just that. Walking, feeding and minding are all available.


Find a Carpark

Find a Carpark have been around since 2005 and connect people who have spare parking spots to people who need them. People can earn money from their unused parking spot whilst the user can save money as they are usually better value than traditional car parks.

On Facebook 



Everyone knows kids grow like weeds, so it’s nice to see Find a Uniform has been invented. You can find a place to look for all kinds of school, sporting and activity uniforms. The aim is to create a national database where no matter what your munchkins are into, they can find a uniform to suit.



Hot desk spots in Ultimo and Darlinghurst for Entrepreneurs, Fishburners provide wireless broadband internet, a dedicated desk, chair, printing services, a bookable boardroom, breakout room and more for a membership. Part workspace, part community, Fishburners connects those who are striking out with their start up in Sydney.



Another car sharing option from a company with a fleet, over 100 Flexicars live on city streets across 30 Melbourne suburbs (and three in Sydney). Powered by Hertz, Flexicar promises to be BIG in future.


Food Orbit

Chef, meet farmer. Farmer, meet chef. Bringing together the people who grow the food with the cafes and restaurants that need the fresh stuff the most is Food Orbit. It works on a commercial scale because farmers who want to grow organic, local, seasonal and decent quality produce have a body that is taking their stock and popping it into the burgeoning Sydney (and I assume elsewhere in later stages) food scenes. With plans to include caterers and hotels down the line, this could get very spunky indeed.





Freally is a place for you to find free stuff that other people are giving away. It’s aim is to encourage recycling and reuse.

No activity for several months.


Instead of putting it into landfill, you have the option to use Freecycle to list what you want to give away and have others pick it up. Appears to be powered by Yahoo Groups in Australia and isn’t a dedicated site as such.


Free Money Day

This is a global, not just specifically Australian event. On September 15, people hand out their own money to complete strangers (two coins/notes at a time) asking the recipients to pass half on to someone else.


Free Treasure

Arg-harrr me hearties! You can find them there free stuff hiding in the cupboards and sheds of Australia afore it hits the kerb. Free Treasure is an online community designed for the recycling of miscellaneous household items, from furniture to white goods and even electronics. Only new.

No activity since July 2013



Think of Friends with Things as a cyber pin board where people can take the old fashioned tradition of pinning up notes at the community centre to a new, online era. The idea? Connect with your neighbours and borrow things from them or share things with them. Share skills, expertise, local knowledge and more. It’s free.



Garage Sale Trail 

The Garage Sale Trail is a yearly event where you can register your home, workplace, shop, creative workshop, community place- pretty much anywhere really- to sell along the Garage Sale Trail. People then march along the published trail in their neighbourhood and get some goodies. It’s also about bringing people down together to get to know each other as part of the trail, reducing landfill through resale, de-cluttering and just having fun.


Garment Exchange

Nifty little idea using the humble clothes swap in a more organised fashion. The garment Exchange team help you hold a clothes swap to benefit not just decluttering and your wardrobe, but also to give proceeds to local schools and community groups. Left overs are also given to charity. Nice one, fashionistas!

Diverting to an accountancy site. Assume dead.



Givit is a bloody awesome idea. Simply, charities put out a list of what they need in a particular local area and if you have it, you can Givit! This helps the groups and people who spend their time and money helping people track down the things they need more efficiently- and it helps us find those places when we have something we’d like to see go to a person or place in need!


Global Sharing Day

This is a global one day event as opposed to being an Australian collaborative consumption business, but it fits. It’s a day to encourage sharing.


Green Car Share 

GreenShareCar is a membership based service that offers members the option of renting cars by the hour or day under car sharing. GreenCarShare is in Sydney and Melbourne and GreenShareCar is currently waiting on Council approval from the City of Brisbane and other capitals and major regional centres including Canberra, Perth, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Gold Coast, Cairns, Newcastle and Fremantle.



A membership driven car sharing service, you book your GoGet car online or by phone for as little as an hour (or longer). Then, take a short walk to the car, use a special swipe card, jump in, drive and bring it back to the same spot. GoGet car spaces are designated throughout Sydney, Melbourne and have started appearing in Adelaide and Brisbane.



Spunky little phone App that allows you to photograph the treasure on the side of the street and upload it so others who may be seeking it can find it. It’s hard rubbish, kerb scavenging tech at it’s cleverest. Just wish they’d hurry up and build the Android version! Currently servicing iPhone owners only.

No activity for several months.



Great Space Inc is about sharing spaces and renting spaces from other people when you travel as opposed to staying in hotels.



Hive Rides

Hive is a ridesharing service that helps facilitate carpooling within organisations. Or so said the comment left on this page.



Homework is a coworking place for the business nomad or virtual employee on Oxford st, Darlinghurst. Is part of the City of Sydney reduced rent programme for city revival. has a bookable meeting space and is very central and affordable.


Hop Runners

A Brisbane based collaborative consumption business, Hop Runners is for getting your chores and household tasks done by other people in your community.

No longer active as of July 2013.


Hospitality Club 

A worldwide site, Hospitality Club is about bringing together travellers with volunteer tour guides, tourist advisors and more. Driven by message boards, seems a lot more popular overseas.


Hot Desk

With the insane rise of co-working in Australia, it was bound to happen that someone would build a dedicated marketplace for showing us exactly where we could hot desk or share office space. That is what Hot Desk is- you can list left over space you may have in the office, or you can find a place to rent a desk in all kinds of spaces and places. This is matching the needs of businesses and individuals who need to make better use of rented office space across all kinds of things- from sublets to studios, co-working and boardroom sharing. and beyond.




Hub Adelaide

Same as below only in Adelaide. Opened in 2013.


Hub Melbourne 

Hub Melbourne is a professional member community that drives innovation through collaboration. They host co-working spaces, events, special experiences and generally have a lot of collaborative kind of people popping in and out for a desk or a chat.


Hub Sydney

Hub Sydney is a community that drives innovation through collaboration. Part of the same network that brought you Hub Melbourne,  Hub Sydney’s space is open as of May 2013.


Stay up with all the Hub openings via





How many times have you wanted to go to Splendour in the Grass or Woodford and not known how to get there? Or surfing and wining in Margaret River? Now you can through getting a lift with the Jayride community! Travel A to B by carpool, rideshare, bus, shuttle, relocation cars and more. Unique, cheap and fun transport in Australia. Find a ride or share your own.


Jolly Harvest

Need people to harvest your fruit trees and crops? You can use Jolly Harvest to have a volunteer harvest for you- with an equal 1/3 going to the tree owner, the volunteer and a homeless shelter to feed people in need.




Make a microfinance loan of $25 or more and give someone somewhere the opportunity to make a living and reduce their poverty. Think of it as collaborating as a financer to someone else’s dream, a dream you get to choose to help. It’s not like you won’t see the money again either. 98% of the loans return back, which you can choose to invest in another idea or withdraw.


Appears to be an online classifieds however the description is a little too lean for me to be able to make too much out of it. You list things with where you are and a price and people…well…I guess they buy it from you. I am not entirely sure.






Sharing patches of dirt to grow yummy scrummy food and herbs whilst also offering advice and a community. If you have some spare land and/or you want to grow something, or you want to lend a hand and a bit of growing knowledge this is the place for you!


Lending Hub 

Time to get rid of the banks and try to help each other out. Lending Hub is all about Social Lending (also known as person-to-person, Peer to Peer or P2P lending) – where individuals can borrow or lend money to each other through Lending Hub’s platform.


 Lift Surfer 

LiftSurfer is a rideshare community connecting like-minded travellers in Canada, the USA and now Australia. This is not a carpooling site for sharing your miserable daily commute across suburbia. It is a site for the cross country adventurer.


Locongo is the simplest way for ordinary people, tour providers & businesses to accept bookings for local experiences. Book anything from a local surfing lesson to a tour of the Opera House. Its tours by people, for people!




MamaBake is about batch cooking with your mates so you aren’t tied to the stove every night. It’s about people playing to their strengths in the kitchen and matching those strengths with their friends in order to create kids lunches, nice dinners, desserts and free time every day for other things that matter.



Think of this as activity dating or like minded friendship forming on your mobile. Matewire makes it easy for you to connect with like-minded people based on what you enjoy doing via an Android App. Simply browse for what’s around you, pick something you like, and join in!

Site down, no social activity for months.



If you have something and you want to move it to somewhere else, you need MeeMeep. Born out of seeing how much space was available in cars in a traffic jam, MeeMeep is about making the use of the space in your car, bicycle or bag to transport something for someone else for a set fee.



Anyone who has ever been to England and suffered from Tim Tam withdrawal or is English and couldn’t get a regular stash of Marmite will love mmMule. Basically, you put up what you are hankering for and someone else who is travelling from the country that has it to where you are can bring it in exchange for being shown around or some kind of special barter treat. mmMule also has AngelMule which carries medical supplies to people who need them the most.


My Home Harvest (formerly Swap Shuffle Share) 

Connecting food gardeners around Australia to swap shuffle and share the backyard bounty of food, knowledge, inspiration and ideas.


My Home, Your Home

This is a sassy little idea and one which will help cash strapped Gen Y and Millennials manage to afford their own home one day. Get paid to be a reliable house-sitter. Choose from gigs with or without pets.  You can list your own home for sitting so its safe while you’re away. Awesome!




Occasional Bulter

New kid on the block Occasional Butler connects you with people who can help get all types of small jobs done around the home or office. Need a wall painted? Help with moving? Windows cleaned? Repairs? Personal shopping? Butlers are people in your community looking to turn their spare time into spare cash by helping you.


Open Ideo 

OpenIDEO is an open innovation platform that uses the skills of creative thinkers in design, web and the online world to solve challenges.


Open Shed 

Open Shed is about sharing stuff- basically people list what they own on the site that other members of the community can rent for a set period of time for a set fee. From tools, exercise equipment, kid’s toys, books, party keg’s and dress up costumes, Aussies are digging this whole peek into your neighbour’s cupboards, yards and sheds to rent as opposed to buy.



OzRecycle is the place where you can get and give free stuff that is no longer needed by its owner. Here you can give, get and save- and help reduce landfill.



Park Hound

Rent out your car spare space or find one to rent for casual parking and for regular parking situations. It has an App that allows you to find local spaces when you’re off doing stuff in a district and don’t want to get a parking fine. Take that, parking inspectors!




Parking Made Easy

Is an online car parking marketplace where people can rent out their unused driveway or garage. The big benefit of shared parking? No more council fines!


PetCloud is Australia’s most trusted online community of home based Pet Sitters. It’s free to join and every booking is covered with our insurance and pet photo updates are free. We’ve partnered with the RSPCA across most States to support all our Sitters with the highest standard of Animal Care training too. Our Sitters can look after your pet in your home or theirs, however if they stay at yours all are 100% background checked.


Pet Home Stay

PetHomeStay is Airbnb for Pets. You can hire out your backyard or spot by the fire, or simply volunteer your time to look after someone elses pet. Pet owners can search for all Hosts and Services near them, and click through to arrange some pet homestays! They are just starting out in Melbourne but all of Australia can register their HomeStays or Pets.


Popup Brands 

An Australian first website with the aim to connect people who have short-term or ‘pop-up’ spaces to rent with those who are looking for a pop-up space to temporarily rent. It’s about making better use of commercial spaces under pop-up campaigns, trialling workspaces and brand adoption, co-sharing and more.



Under the crowd funding model, Pozible gives you the opportunity to “collaborate” on someone else’s project by funding it. Started in 2009 to service Australia and New Zealand, Pozible introduced global currency support in 2012.



Property Collectives

Tim from Property Collectives shot an email through after seeing the original A to Z saying “I help groups of friends and family invest in property together by sharing their money, time, skills and knowledge- check out our site”. This is all about giving you flexible options when it comes to sharing property ventures, which, considering how Sydney and Melbourne are as about as affordable as a the 911 GT1 Straßenversion*, this could very well be music to a lot of our ears!

*Ok maybe not THAT bad but it still sucks like an Electrolux.


Protein One 

Located in Surry Hills, Protein One is a hot desk site that offers weekly, daily and ‘panic’ solutions. Home to the guys from The Loop this is a great place to meet freelancers whilst you work.



Pygg is a peer-to-peer payment platform. We make payments between peers instant, free and fun. For those times when splitting the bill over coffee, lunch or dinner or for when you’re paying for your collcon transaction Pygg them the funds. 

Pygg appears to have turned into a school payment gateway, hence removal.



Quiverizer is a surfboard swapping website. You can upload your boards on the site, and find other surfboards you would like to swap it for.





Bgurk! This is not a cute name for a concept, it is actually what it says- you get to try keeping chooks without having to commit to having them permanently. Like a try-before-you-buy option, what happens is you buy the Eco-Coop package outright (a chicken coop, 2 hens, feeder, waterer, food and straw) but have 6 weeks to decide if keeping chooks is right for you, your lifestyle, your garden etc.


Reverse Garbage 

Sydney’s Reverse Garbage is probably the first big move towards formalised sustainable collaborative consumption. Long story short but… you bring things to RG to donate, they sell it to pay wages and overheads, and other people buy it and turn it into awesome. It is a great place for art-workers, teachers, people needing furniture, building Mardi Gras floats, renovation, fabric and all kinds of nifty things.


Ripe Near Me

Growing your own fresh fruit and veggies and finding you have excess? Or are you looking for a way to buy food from somewhere other than the supermarket? Then you need Ripe Near Me. it’s a fresh produce site basically where you can buy, sell and swap tasty fresh fruit and veg.



Roomz seems to be the solution you need if you are not renting from a real estate agent. It gives a person with a room to rent in a house a place to list it, collects the rent, holds the bond and does the paperwork.  And you can check out profiles on people prior to working out who you’ll live with.




Secondhand Christmas Challenge

Promoting a low-carbon Christmas, we help you find ways to upcycle and repurpose items or find pre-loved and handmade items to give at Christmas. Nice!


Seed Savers

In their own words, Seed Savers “We supply promotional and educational material on seed saving; we coordinate Local Seed Networks in Australia; we train on establishing seed networks; we make ourselves available to speak at conferences and meetings on issues around biodiversity and community conservation of useful plants and we write and make video clips and films on food and food plant diversity issues.”



The Sharehood is about sharing objects and tasks across the neighbourhood. From books to dog walkers, house sitting to hammocks, Sharehood is about trading what you want with those around you.


Share Your Ride 

A carpool and ride sharing service. Operates in Australia, Canada, Germany, USA, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and the UK.



Another task based site, Sidekicker allows individuals & businesses to outsource small jobs and errands to their network of on-demand, prescreened and trusted Sidekicks. Currently in beta. Melbourne based.


Space Out 

Whether you are struggling to fit what you own into the space you have, or you’re looking around at empty rooms and shed, Space Out could be the solution for you. Basically, if you have some kind of spare storage space you can rent it out to someone else. Spaces include extra garages, storage for gear, art rooms, band gear rooms and more.


Borrow space form your neighbour to store items in Sydney. Currently the website is being redone.


Streetbank allows you to see all that your neighbours are giving away or lending. It is a giant attic, garden shed, toolkit, fancy dress chest, library and DVD collection for you and anyone living within 1km of your home. Streetbank is originally a UK site who have launched in Australia only recently.



Bring the local Sydney news to life- add your own! A user generated content site, you collaborate with other members of Streetcorner to add the stories that matter to you, events in the local area, opinion pieces, classifieds and a whole lot more.

As the name suggests, Swap is a marketplace for swapping with people around the world. Once you see something you want, send a message to work out the details of your swap. Offer up an item, or sweeten the deal with multiple items. When you’re ready, meet up locally or mail your stuff.


Shop and Swap for Baby

You can swap your unwanted baby items for credits which you can then use to purchase new or gently worn “high quality” kids items.


SwapItBaby is an online community for swapping baby and kids’ clothes, toys, gear and everything else. Runs on alternative currency.




Connecting food gardeners around Australia to swap shuffle and share the backyard bounty of food, knowledge, inspiration and ideas.


Task Box 

TaskBox is an online community marketplace that connects people to get stuff done. Post short or long term tasks and other people bid on doing that task for you.




TaskRunners is about lightening the load through sharing the labour. We want everyone to be able to recapture their free time through helping each other to get your tasks done. You can choose to offer cash in exchange for a task you need doing or you can use one of the oldest payment methods in the world by choosing to barter your skills for the skills of another member through in-kind!


The idea of Temp Swap is temporary swapping homes to minimise commuting. As more and more people move out of Sydney to the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong, this could have some serious legs in the future.


Trash Nothing

Go get your freecycle on kids- Trash Nothing is here. Use online groups and mobile Apps to find what is in your local area that you’d like to reuse, recycle, repurpose and remove from landfill.



Got things you don’t want to use any more? Tu Share gives you the ability to share small things Australia wide. List your clothes, toys, books, household appliances and more and find them a new home.




Vintage BoardRoom

A hire place for vintage surfboards. Looks brand spanking new, so let’s see where it goes, shall we? Bondi, NSW.



Water Street Studio 

Hot desk service in sunny Brisbane. Water Street Studio is a new concept in Brisbane for those looking for a desk of their own away from home, without paying for long term leases or high-priced serviced offices.


WeTeachMe is an online social community of everyday people who teach their passions and are interested in learning new things. Whether you are passionate about a particular topic and have some wisdom to impart or you make a living out of teaching, We Teach Me is a great marketplace for learning. Very Melbourne centric but is growing- you can help them grow by listing a course!



In Marrickville in Sydney, WhatSpace is the place to work for freelancers, start-ups, creative professionals and for hosting events.







Get what you need, when you need it! –> Share[rent] out your things for a fee per day and borrow from others- ie Textbooks, lawnmowers, trailers, party gear.. Basically Yepgot ~ ebay, BUT! Instead of buying/selling we let you share[rent] household items.

No activity since April 2013.



Yohkoe is something I think will make a damn big splash in the clothing market. What you have is Etsy style shop front situations plus a fashion marketplace coming together with the added value of pop-up shop support. It may sound ambitious popping so many hats on the one head, but this could put creative fashion makers and costume builders direct to public with an added bit of vintage resale and pop up retail mixed in. Watch it closely. It could be rather cool.





Yoink is about giving away stuff you don’t want and getting stuff others are giving up in your local area.



Ziilch is a user-friendly, re-use and recycling website that allows you to give away items you no longer need and find free stuff. Including the occasional free house. Outstanding!



Zookal is a textbook marketplace. Students can come to buy and rent textbooks. Students can also make money through Zookal by selling their old books to the platform. Also includes study notes and other study materials. This Aussie startup has gone global. I believe the secret lies in having a monkey for their mascot.


 3oo Acres

With the market growing and grow your own revolution in full tilt, we all need a patch of dirt to grow our food on. That’s where 3000acres comes in. Unlock vacant community garden and growing land in Melbourne with a few simple clicks. Yay!

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  • Stevie February 2, 2016 at 19:54

    Excellent list! is another new comer to the collaborative consumption. Interesting world we are living in at the moment.

  • Stevie February 2, 2016 at 19:53

    Temporary swapping homes to minimise commuting

  • Alice Mackenzie January 14, 2016 at 06:30

    Great list. You might also like to add Australia’s fastest growing housesitting site: Your Home My Home –

  • David April 3, 2015 at 13:03


    Great article, To add to this i have recently used a shared economy platform called Stoways ( ) . It was a great way rent out my unused garage to someone looking for extra storage space. The website is very easy to use and got my space rented within a week!
    Although it is still relatively new, it has great potential and i would decently recommend it for anyone looking to rent out their unused space or anyone looking to rent space

  • jake March 19, 2015 at 16:01


    Great list, some wonderful sites here I had never heard of – Can you please add is community of animal lovers for hire, offering local and personalised care in pet sitting, dog walking, day care and other pet related needs.

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  • Monique May 26, 2014 at 18:01

    Great resource! I’d like to suggest one more website that could be listed here: Oneflare is a local Australian marketplace and connects users to service providers.

  • Measuring the love for Aussie Collaborative Consumption - Unashamedly Creative September 23, 2013 at 14:54

    […] (or the sharing economy as it is otherwise known) is a big love of mine. I put together the A to Z of Australian Collaborative Consumption. I regularly use collaborative consumption businesses, do the odd article or presentation, and […]

  • Chris Riedy August 28, 2013 at 10:37

    Great list – comprehensive and detailed. It’s fantastic to see so many of these collaborative consumption initiatives emerging now.

  • Joel August 5, 2013 at 14:00

    Great list supporting collcons in Australia!
    Would love for you to include — an online community marketplace for people to share and discover unique home-cook meals in their local area.

    • BYfork Team October 16, 2013 at 16:15

      BYfork is growing! Pls add us 🙂

  • Anonymous August 5, 2013 at 13:58

    Great list supporting collcons in Australia!
    Would love for you to include — an online community marketplace for people to share and discover unique home-cook meals in their local area.

  • Mandy August 5, 2013 at 11:11

    Hi Unashamedly Creative,
    Thanks so much for adding Broads Abroad Travel Network to the #collcon list. We are only a fee weeks away from launching. I’ll keep you posted as to when we go live. Other details include:
    Twitter. @BroadsAbroadNet

    Thanks again

  • Andrew August 2, 2013 at 18:43

    Another site like freecycle is trash nothing! at

    It has freecycling groups in areas all around Australia, works on mobile phones and has native Android and iPhone apps. You can find your local groups using the Freecycling Group Finder at:

  • Kirsten May 2, 2013 at 22:26

    Hi there,
    Broads Abroad is a new initiative launching this month. Broads Abroad is a travel network being created by, and for, women who love to travel and meet new people. Link up with women around the world, and exchange free accommodation over short visits.
    Thanks so much – your directory is amazing!

  • mike April 10, 2013 at 03:23

    Great list, can you please add Hive to it

    Hive is a ridesharing service that helps facilitate carpooling within organisations.

  • tom April 3, 2013 at 17:17

    hi there – you’ve missed the york butter factory, another melbourne co-workiong space focussed on tech start-ups.

    • admin July 27, 2013 at 16:39

      Hey Tom,

      Thanks for this. I now include links to the Loop and the Fetch to supply the co-working stuff as I simply can’t keep up, especially in Sydney and Melbourne!



  • Willis March 2, 2013 at 07:05

    Giving Aussies the choice when it comes to moving and storing stuff…..


    • admin April 1, 2013 at 12:19

      Hey Willie,

      Can you qualify if you use collaborative consumption as a means to provide your services? It looks more like a directory for people to find storage or removal companies as opposed to peer to peer or community sharing. This list is for showing sharing economy businesses and ideas in Australia, so if you could explain it more to me, that’d be great.

  • Sharing is a renter’s best friend | REA Website December 14, 2012 at 06:54

    […] a comprehensive list of Australian Collaborative Consumption sites, check out this A – Z (there’s over 70 businesses […]

  • Summer December 1, 2012 at 19:50

    This list is brilliant! One that isn’t there is – They have been around since 2005 and connect people who have spare parking spots to people who need them. People can earn money from their unused parking spot whilst the user can save money as they are usually better value than traditional car parks.

  • The Results of the TaskRunners Survey! | Unashamedly Creative October 11, 2012 at 15:39

    […] is growing in Australia and that there are heaps of wonderful things you can share via this A to Z of Collaborative Consumption – nifty […]

  • Peter Crowe September 27, 2012 at 15:02

    Hi, awesome list! Could we get Pygg listed please.
    Pygg is a peer-to-peer payment platform. We make payments between peers instant, free and fun. For those times when splitting the bill over coffee, lunch or dinner or for when you’re paying for your collcon transaction Pygg them the funds.

    Many thanks
    Pete Crowe

  • Tim September 27, 2012 at 10:51

    Nice work – we’re missing (Gomi).


  • Tom August 17, 2012 at 13:47

    Hi – can you add PetHomeStay to the list pls?

    PetHomeStay is Airbnb for Pets. You can hire out your backyard or spot by the fire, or simply volunteer your time to look after someone elses pet. Pet owners can search for all Hosts and Services near them, and click through to arrange some pet homestays! We are just starting out in Melbourne but all of Australia can register their HomeStays or Pets. We want to help your community make owning a pet fun & easy again!

  • Collaborative Consumption – Part 1 « August 16, 2012 at 19:10

    […] is a great list of Aussie #collcons at Unashamedly Creatives blog here. Anyone know if there is one for NZ […]

  • Jervis July 15, 2012 at 17:50

    amazing list…….its awesome that we can now use technology and the power of networks to share. This is inspiring a brand new economy and how we consume products or activities.

    It would be great if you would add another to the list 🙂

    In the final stages of development, eXpertLocal is an online marketplace where you can offer, discover and book local experiences with other like-minded people who share a similar passion, talent or hobby with you. You can either participate in an experience or actually Host an experience! Experiences can be anything ranging from cooking and outdoor activities to meditation and shopping.

    thanks heaps…

  • Daniel June 18, 2012 at 10:40

    This is great list and looking forward to seeing it grow more and more!

    Another website is an online car parking marketplace where people can rent out their unused driveway or garage. The big benefit of shared parking? No more council fines!

    Thanks 😉

  • Lillibet June 6, 2012 at 13:30

    Oh, and btw Freecycle now has a dedicated site, which is searchable and much better structured.

    • Bek June 6, 2012 at 19:47

      LOVE the apple analogy- I assume it’s an organic apple from a community garden! 😉

  • Lillibet June 6, 2012 at 13:29

    Tremendous directory of things that are adding a whole new flavour to the taste of consumerism. It’s like suddenly having a fresh, crunchy apple after a lifetime eating canned apple sauce. Thanks so much!

  • Kyra June 6, 2012 at 13:18

    Hi and thanks very much for the wonderful write up about GIVIT. We love blogs like this! We are all volunteers at GIVIT and are very passionate about helping people who need a bit of a hand. 🙂

    • Bek June 6, 2012 at 19:46

      Great stuff guys! I just turned Wayside Chapel onto you. Volunteers huh? You’re amazing. Please form a line and pat each other on the back! 🙂

  • Tamara June 1, 2012 at 09:53

    great list! thanks. would love you to include Buy Nothing New Month, the movement for conscientious consumption, promoting all forms of collaborative consumption. it takes place in October every year.

    • admin June 4, 2012 at 15:31

      Done! Keep em coming gang!

      • Tim March 18, 2013 at 14:45

        Great list – can you please add – we’re an online and mobile marketplace for outsourcing common tasks and errands. Look forward to seeing this list keep growing!!!