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Pinterest Marketing 101

August 22, 2012

pinterest marketing

Already making a huge splash in the market, Pinterest is proving extremely popular with people- especially women. So how do you make the most out of Pinterest marketing for your business?



Consider this your 101 on starting Pinterest marketing on the right foot.

The basics:

  • Registration: If you are going to use an existing social media login for your Pinterest registration, Twitter is the better choice when compared to Facebook. Facebook only links Pinterest to your personal account, which is not that useful for business purposes. Also, most of us have a stronger base of followers on Twitter, so we have a far stronger base of people to reconnect with.
  • Profile: Make sure you have all social links setup and that you include your website or blog.
  • Settings: Turn on search engine capabilities in the Settings so your boards can be detected.
  • Plan: Start with a plan of what you want to achieve if you can. It can be tempting to just create boards and pin as you go, but by having a plan you will stay focussed by what you want to achieve rather than distracted by what looks cool.
  • Creative: Be creative. This is a visual social network and making your pins creative, interesting and having a bit of a twist will really help you reach more people. Think of something unique and use it as a way to warm your brand up in a fun and visual way.
  • SEO Friendly: Add a concise and SEO friendly description to each board to help them be discovered on Pinterest and the web in general. Look at what others use as their tags and replicate.
  • Know Thy Board: The names of boards are the equivalent of H3 tags in HTML so try to make them relevant to SEO too (or incredibly eye catching or within the realm of other set categories)
  • Monitoring Your Web/Blog:  To check if anyone is pinning off your site or blog use www.pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com
  • Follow to Get Followed: Follow those you think may be interested in following you on a board and member level.
  • Shareability: Give meaty, SEO happy descriptions to the pins and not too “this is my favourite in a bath time story” personalisation so people include it rather than wipe it.
  • Link Back:  If you are using Pinterest to promote your business, a couple of pins down the road and any real connection to you will be lost. So include your web link, #yourcompany and/or something that gets people thinking about you.  As tempting as it is to leave descriptions blank don’t!
  • Visualise: Choose board backdrop pictures to make them more appealing and are one of the best pieces on a board.
  • Attract Pinners: Use strong visuals on your website, blogs and other content so they attract attention when you pin them.
  • Pin it Up: Don’t hold back on the pinning. It’s a better experience and more likely to get you followed if you have a weighty amount of content on your boards right from the get go. So if you can, make sure you have a strong foundation of content before trying to find more followers.

That’s all I have for the basics of Pinterest marketing.

Stay tuned for the next episode Pinterest Marketing 201: Pinning to Get Noticed.

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