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Pinterest Marketing 201: Pinning to Get Noticed

September 7, 2012

pinterest marketing

There’s content flying all around Pinterest at the moment and there is a lot of talk about how it can benefit your creative pursuits or marketing.

But how can you make that happen? Well, check the Pinterest basics first  and then jump on board for this edition, Pinning to Get Noticed.

Think about how Pinterest marketing can work for you

Planning any kind of social media is a better way to go than to just dive right in and Pinterest is no exception.

For some businesses (like food related, fashion, artists, designers, photographers) the benefits are immediately evident. But what about you?

Here are a couple of Pinterest marketing ideas to get the juices flowing!

  • Put a Face to the Name- building trust is important, especially if you are a start-up or a freelancer. Using Pinterest can help people relate to your staff, the things you do, the causes you support and more. So share the team and the things you believe in.
  • Behind the Scenes- it works for the movies and it can work for you too. Show what you do, the processes you go through and do it in a smart visual way and you’ll get people connecting with you.
  • Display your Values- if you have a vision statement, code of conduct and so on, you can display this on Pinterest. Think about the key essence of the values you hold and break them up into headings. People choose who they buy from due to those core values and the way you present yourself, so use Pinterest as a way of displaying how important these values are.
  • Sticky Content- Infographics and data charts are hot property on Pinterest, so if you can break down research you have done and present it as an Infographic that is useful to other people, you’ll be pinned like crazy.
  • Know What’s Hot– Pinterest has a few hot button topics like recipes, DIY tricks, weddings, animals, nostalgia and quotes. Think of how you can leverage these categories effectively. Can you make your values into quotes, share an interesting photographic history or have you worked out business DIY tips other people would benefit from? Follow trends and work them to your benefit.
  • Like Your Customers- We like to know your customers are real people. Pinterest can help by boosting your testimonials, showing people at your events and even offering your customers a chance to interact with you and your product via an open board to pin their own content on. Putting a face to your product really helps with sharing and humanising a brand.
  • Problem Solving- If your product is useful, it solves a problem. So why not have a problem solving board? It doesn’t have to be directly related. Think about the problem itself and use Pinterest to create a story around it. Again, be creative.
  • Time, Time, Time- Start a calendar board that charts the day to day life of your product. You may not see it right now but pinning 1 or 2 things each week becomes really interesting in a year’s time because people can see your progress. It also helps you too to see how far you’ve come.
  • Conversation Matters- putting comments on other pins you admire, liking other photos and so on helps build rapport. Be social- remember its social media after all!
  • Play Around a Little- Pinterest is still a little bit of a dark horse, so experiment with what you do and see what works. Check out what other people pin regularly, especially the people you follow you know are your sort of customer. Don’t be afraid to be creative and investigate ideas you admire. Read blogs on Pinterest and work out what you like and let this fuel creativity.

Finally, when you want to use Pinterest to get your business noticed, try to include a watermark on your photos that includes your website address. It is a little more work, but it’s also going to pay off more, too.

Now pop past and say hi- this is my Unashamedly Creative Pinterest! 

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