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A to Z of Hosting Ideas on eXpertLocal

January 23, 2013

A to Z

After spending a little time in a hammock in Hawaii and being up close and personal with a little too much cheese and cider, the team of eXpertLocal have come up with an A to Z of suggested tours you could host!

The official A to Z of Hosting Ideas on eXpertLocal

A is for art gallery tours. With a huge number of small, pop up and interesting art installations in Sydney, a locals guide to all things art is totally a must!

B is for beer tasting. Between the Red Oak Brewery, the Mac and several awesome craft beers on tap around the place, someone would make a big splash if they showed the best places to get your beer tasting on!

C is for community gardens. Bringing the locals together for food security, fun and just plain food, running a community garden tour or showing people how to create their own would be an awesome idea, don’t you think?

D is for driving. If you have a passion for motoring and motor cycles, what’s topping you from getting people together who feel the same way for some motoring enthusiast days of exploring Sydney and surrounds?

E is for education and learning. There are plenty of cool talks, drinks and generally inspiring talks throughout Sydney on a variety of topics. If you know the places to go to make your brain sparkle on a regular basis, why not ask others to join you?

F is for fishing. A great way to spend some time in contemplation and conversation, a simple fishing tour to your favourite spots could be a real hit with Sydney newcomers and lifers alike!

G is for gigs. We’re in a live music revival for sure, but sometimes it’s really hard to know which bands and venues are the better ones for the kind of music we like. So why not take the pot luck out of finding gigs in Sydney and become the resident Gig Pig for eXpertLocal?

H is for horse riding. From Centennial Park to the trails in our National Parks, if you love horses and want to share your favourite rides, why not try hosting a tour?

I is for In the Know. If you are a trendsetter who is always a head of the curve on restaurants, cafes, clubs and more, why not put that special knowledge to good use and make a little moolah on the side?

J is for jokes and comedy. Sharing the best places in Sydney to get your laugh on both professional and amateur level is sorely needed. Could you be the tour guide of 1000 smiles?

K is for kite flying. Can you imagine the simplicity and joy you could discover with kite flying tours in Sydney? Over the beaches? Cliffs? The parks? Awesome!

L is for lunch, dinner and all things in between. From the best sandwich to the best value degustation, if food is your thing we need you!

M is for movies and films. Be your own ‘David and Margaret’ gang and explore the latest cinema releases. Nothing could be cooler than checking out a film and hitting a nearby coffee shop to talk film with your 10 new friends, right?

N is for news and politics. Driving everyone nuts with your passionate political debates and news commentary on Facebook? Why not take it to a whole new audience and organise a newshounds night and talk about it with people who are as passionate as you are?

O is for opening up the local area you love to new people. If you are sick of myths about your suburb or want to show what it’s truly like to live in your suburb, why not show what it has to offer through your eyes? You can run a suburb or town tour- walking, cycling and more!

P is for personal training and exercise. If your deal is to run the sea walk from Bronte to Clovelly or take on Heartbreak Hill on a regular basis, imagine how much inspiration you could gain from finding friends who enjoy doing the same.

Q is for quick stops at small bars. A drink and a walk around Newtown, Darlinghurst or Redfern could be very cool, very quickly, don’t you think?

R is for riding your bicycle with other enthusiastic people who are looking to keep their wheels spinning around this beautiful city of ours and meeting others who feel the same.

S is for street art, skateboarding and slumming’ it. Bring back the counter culture and invent your very own Dogtown in Sydney by knowing the places to go for the best bowls and graffiti.

T is for train spotting. Wouldn’t it be cool to share that with someone else?

U is for underbelly arts and a variety of other cool festivals and amazing things on the local calendar. Having a gang to go to for Underbelly, Peats Ridge, Flickerfest and more throughout the year is much better than bending the will of disinterested friends, right?

V is for vino. Because knowing the cool places to go and taste it is a much underrated skill.

W is for water sports. From skiing to sailing, surfing to swimming, Sydney needs someone willing to spread their water wings and show the awesome places to go.

X is for the spot you’ll mark on local culture, no matter the tour you choose to run.

Y is for your guide to gay Sydney, Goth Sydney, girl’s Sydney and everything in between. Subculture tours are often the coolest.

Z is for zazzy fashion tours. Be your own fashionista and show the rest of us the way with your very own personal shopping tours.


So there you have our magic wish list. Care to add something? Jump on board all the fun at 

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