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Infinity Professional ChangeMakers website copy

January 24, 2013

KarenLambert website copyBackground on website copy for Infinity Professional ChangeMakers

Educator and personal coach, Karen Lambert, was looking for a way to cut above the noise and clutter within the personal coaching industry and develop a strong presence online.

Her coaching service was failing to attract the clientele who would most benefit from her services.

 She engaged Unashamedly Creative to help you with her website copy as part of her relaunch.


  • Establish a niche market within the highly competitive field within performance coaching
  • Create a strong, SEO friendly presence through website copy
  • Identify an audience most in need of the client’s skill set
  • Institute a strong and cohesive marketing and social media plan to reach the intended audience




The following were undertaken by Unashamedly Creative:

a)        Creating a new brand as Infinity Professional Change Makers

b)       Working with Bright Spark Creative to revamp the brand image

c)        Identifying appropriate SEO and writing the main Infinity PC website copy for relaunch

d)       Undertaking customer research, and the development of personas and consumer identification assets

e)        Conducting social media workshops to assist the client take their social presence to new heights



Infinity PC was successfully relaunched in January 2013 with new website copy and a social media plan.

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