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Yes, you do benefit from social media- PART 2

March 27, 2013

To social media or not social media- that is the question.

Well, at least it is for some companies and I am here to answer that with a big fat YES. There are a lot of benefits to be had by using social media. If you missed the first instalment, please pop through to Yes, you do benefit from social media- PART 1. For those of you who’ve already done the first part of the blog, let’s get into it!

Are you ready? Let’s go!


Customer Service becomes Easier with Social Media

social mediaIf your customers want a quick answer, they will often turn to Twitter or Facebook to find out what it is. Can you really afford to miss out on providing that level of customer service? Do you really want to make the process an angry customer goes through long and drawn out?

Look at it this way-

When things get broken, you could be flooded with calls and have a cue that stretches from one end of the telephone wire to the next suburb. By that stage, you’ll probably get pretty angry people who have just had their lunch break stolen and their ears continually assaulted by sales ads as they wait for assistance in your phone cue.

Or you can see the first tweet from a customer, check out the problem and find out a big section of your customer base may be facing the same issues. You can change your social media (and even your phone messaging) to alert customers there is a problem, give an ETA, seem proactive about and even collect customer details without them being cued at all!

Even when things aren’t that extreme…If your customers just have a quick question or curiosity, coming back with an answer quickly could mean the difference between that customer using your product, or passing it by because the information isn’t available.


Competitors are always there

If you aren’t choosing to have a direct conversation with your customers, give them advice and promote your products to them on a regular basis via social media and your competitors are, whose brand do you think looks more helpful, active and customer friendly?

If you are in one of the few verticals where none of your competitors are using social to any great degree, being the trail blazer will often give you the extra boost.

Regardless, sometimes looking at the way your competitors gear their social and looking at the platforms they use can easily show you a niche for you to approach and win over.


Social Media is ‘Opt in’ marketing

Your own little gang of cheering customers!

Your own little gang of cheering customers!

When you use social media, the fans and followers you accrue are the ones who actually want to interact with you and see what you have to say! You aren’t making them cranky by turning up on their door knocking away while all they want to do is get the gardening or laundry done. You aren’t some passive ad in the local newspaper that sits and hopes and waits for attention.

With social media, you know who wants to talk to you, who likes you and has an interest in what you do. AND due to the very nature of social media, you will be exposed to their friends, too.

This is a form of marketing where you control the message and can measure who’s loyal enough to say “I like these guys” in cyberspace. How is that a bad thing?!


The final word- direct sales versus awareness

The truth of the matter is with any consumer, they usually touch base with your marketing anywhere from 4 to 6 times across various media and marketing forms before making a purchase. Now with the internet and so on, customers are going to do their own research and educate themselves on your product and your competitors in their own time. Part of that “Hmmm, let me check under this brand’s hood” will involve social media for the majority of people. Not being there for at least some of those 4 or 6 touch points puts you at a distinct disadvantage. Make your business EASY to find and the process of acquiring customers becomes easier, too.


Social media is for sharing insights on new products, demonstrating and helping your customers troubleshoot problems, displaying your brand’s personality and letting the world at large know you’re accessible. It’s for controlling your own PR and giving potential new customers and brand ambassadors something to examine, attach to and share with their friends.

But most of all, with social media you have a better shot of crafting interactions that are personal and positive. Who wouldn’t want that?

And that’s why, yes, you do benefit from social media!



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