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Guess who’s a Pozible Ambassador- yep, me!

April 8, 2013
Pozible Ambassador Network

Pozible Ambassador Network

It is with great pride that I announce I am part of the Pozible Ambassador Network. Those crazy crowdfunding cats, Alan and Rick, have asked me to help out future crowdfunders.

While I haven’t done my own crowdfunding project (yet), you may recall I helped the transition from Fundbreak to Pozible back in 2009, and gave them their early start in social media and blogging. Since then, I have helped the guys on the odd occasion, had my brain picked over coffee and beer, and even produced the first super successful ‘Let’s Talk Crowdfunding Sydney’ event in 2012.

What’s a Pozible Ambassador?

Being a Pozible Ambassador is an unpaid gig, but I am happy to participate. The reason why I keep coming back for more crowdfunding joy is because I believe in the possibilities and freedoms it gives all of us creative, startup and dreamer types. This isn’t about shaking the money tin or a fad- this is freedom from trying to fit your ideas into grant specifications. It’s about testing your idea out on an audience who are that invested they will pre-order what you are offering through pledges and rewards. And it is about giving opportunities to create another level of cohesive and supportive community to an often thankless, no/low income and emotionally challenging pursuit- being an artist, creator or innovator.

If you want to know more about the Pozible Ambassador Network or how you can use crowdfunding to make your dream a reality, head to Pozible.


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