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The Sydney Freelance Jungle is back for May!

April 23, 2013

Sydney Freelance Jungle

Sydney Freelance Jungle has grown from strength to strength. We attract all kinds of freelancers who are facing all sorts of challenges and are in need of support. Or ones that simply want to end the isolation inherent with Sydney freelance life. Or who are missing simple things like drinks with their coworkers and the chance to chew the fat.

It’s amazing to see how much Sydney Freelance Jungle means to people.

A writer, illustrator, theatre set guy and a IT/startup dude walk into a bar and balloons fall from the ceiling, eating contests ensue and everyone has a fair few belly laughs over the ultra loud music.

Last time, The Freelance Jungle crashed a pub’s birthday party, got free drinks and free pizza, talked about theatre, freelancing, beer and went around the table telling our innermost freelancey thoughts.

This month? You tell me!

NOTE: We’re changing the pace to the Abercrombie Hotel as it’s right on Central and has disgustingly dirty foods like deep fried pizza- the perfect thing for a Winter eve!

Make sure you RSVP so we can book the right sized table please.

Why Sydney Freelance Jungle?

Unlike many of the freelance events out there, we don’t focus on selling you stuff or charging you money. You can pay as you go and not have to worry about blowing your budget or keeping up with the Joneses. Plus, we have a focus on bringing people together for the right reasons. This is not about profiting off freelancers, its about building a freelance community that we can all be proud of.

Want to uncover more Sydney freelance events or discover where else we may be hiding? (Spoiler alert: We’re online and in Brisbane and Wollongong) – keep you eyes and ears close to the Freelance Jungle on Meetup and the online home of freelance social support, the Freelance Jungle’s Facebook group. 


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