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Hey little soloist, how happy are you? Tell the Happiness Gauge

September 18, 2013

looking for freelancers to survey I’m looking for freelancers to survey on mental health and wellbeing. Is that you?

When I did the Freelance Survey a couple of years ago, I wasn’t expecting such a big boom in people striking out on their own. Now there is a freelance and contract scene, lots of micro and small business people taking advantage of the internet- and of course the Australian startup scene.

Wow, right? There are a lot of people doing their solo thing!

One thing that I want to tackle now is looking at how solo, freelance and startup people are fairing in terms of stress and happiness.

Anecdotally, I’ve heard about long hours, burn out, pressures about money and so on.  I think as a scene that could potentially be a mainstay of employment for a heck of a lot of people in the future, we need to look at what problems we face, where the pressure comes from, and see if we can’t do something to ensure that mental health, overall wellbeing and our happiness factors don’t suffer.

But first, let’s get some data on what we’re struggling with, what we already do to cope (good and bad), look at the source of those nail biting times- and then see if we can’t do something groovy to keep the happy factor happening.

I’m working with Yoga Reach to see if we can start a movement that helps us all put our happy pants on. There’s room for you at the back of the conga line. Just grab the hips in front of you and let’s shimmy into business joy. I promise I won’t let her put you in yoga pants- well, unless you want to.

So please, if you are a freelancer, soloist, contractor, micro business person or part of a startup team, could you share 5 minutes of your day to enter your anonymous thoughts into the Happiness Gauge Survey?

And don’t forget to share the Happiness Gauge https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/happiness_gauge – looking for freelancers to answer this survey is important! 

Responses are confidential. Overall results will be published no later than January 2014. This is for personal curiosity (so not client related), and also to see if there is anything I can do to help improve our access to things that’ll alleviate stress and so on. Email will only be asked for if you want a copy of the overall report- and that’s optional.


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