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Measuring the love for Aussie Collaborative Consumption

September 23, 2013
Please do this survey #sharing #collcons

Please do this survey #sharing #collcons

Aussie collaborative consumption (or the sharing economy as it is otherwise known) is a big love of mine. I put together the A to Z of Australian Collaborative Consumption. I regularly use collaborative consumption businesses, do the odd article or presentation, and blog about the scene, too. And of course I have been working with a variety of different startups in the collaborative consumption scene since 2010.

I love both the theory of collaborative consumption and the practical application to the environment, community and business.

And this is why I want to see if I can pull together some in-depth research in order to help the scene grow.

Aussie Collaborative Consumption under a microscope

I’d like to reach out to people who are involved in the scene (where that’s through working on a startup related to collaborative consumption, as a founder or as someone who champions the movement).

I also want to hear from people who have tried using the existing businesses that are out there (successful or unsuccessful), as well as hear from businesses that have considered collaborative consumption but haven’t taken the leap towards using it.

Also, I want to measure how many of us like the idea and follow the scene, but as yet, may not have taken the plunge into using a business (or starting one!).

The survey will take about 10 minutes. The use of data will be to see what I personally can do as a marketer to help the scene, but to also highlight common attitudes, challenges and views that may assist the collaborative consumption scene to grow.

I want to collect the data that everyone can make use of to help the sharing economy thrive in Australia. 

I also want to use it as an opportunity to generate new ideas, inventive solutions to issues, and basically find out how anyone who is involved, using, curious or enamoured with the Aussie collaborative consumption movement can benefit from a little people powered research.

The survey may also lead to further interviews with truly rapt parties (so give your email if you’re keen to dig deeper) – or it can be entirely anonymous. Your choice!

What do I want to know?

From whether you prefer sharing economy over collaborative consumption as the name right through to what makes your motor rev about the scene or leaves you cold, I am trying to capture it.

I believe in the collaborative consumption and sharing economy scene but I do think there are a few gaps between the theory and the practical we need to close.

I also think that research and hearing from the people who work in collaborative consumption, people who make use of collaborative consumption in their daily lives and the people who are curious about the scene but haven’t tried it yet will give us some ideas about what it takes to move someone from curious to completely invested.

For example, if you are following on social media or reading media about collaborative consumption but not become a member, it’d be nice to know why you haven’t felt compelled to take the leap.


And if you think it’s a bunch of hooey, yes, I’d like to hear from you, too if the contributions can aid to create a scene that you think would work in the future.

So feel free to write as much or as little as you want.

And please do share the link to the survey as much as you can- ever answer counts!

You can access and share the Aussie collaborative consumption survey here

All responses will remain anonymous and no email lists will be shared, I promise. The report on the data will be made available by January 2014 in a report (probably a blog or if I get myself really excited, an infographic as well!).

As always, feel free to add questions and comments below.

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