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Marketing plans, business workshops and events for you

February 4, 2014

Marketing plans, workshops and events for businessIt’s been pretty busy around Unashamedly Creative HQ for the start of the year. After a week of semi-working holiday in the quaint historic town in marvellous Millthorpe followed by seaside relaxation at gorgeous Narooma, I’m back to the desk for copywriting, marketing and content. I’ve also come up with a few new opportunities for you.

Curious? Let’s get to it, shall we?

Business Plans a-plenty

One thing I have done for several years and not really advertised as such are all kinds of plans for business. It’s always been a starting point for many of my long standing clients so it’s been integrated into my retainers.

However, I know there are an increasing amount of businesses of all kinds who have the ability to do the legwork required to make a great splash with marketing, but may not have the time to do the research and set the strategy. That and the fact the idea of pulling all that together can be a little…well…dry and boring.

Being a huge marketing nerd, I love that kind of thing. Which is why I now offer a range of plans to individuals and businesses who need a plan but don’t have the time (or the nerdy inclination) to build one.

Curious? Check out my content plan, social media plan, marketing plan, or the grand daddy of them all, the foundation marketing plan.

All are tailored to suit your business needs.

Business Workshops

Sometimes simply working on someone’s project doesn’t give them the best opportunity to make use of my brain. So I’ve decided to scoop out large chunks of my brain in front of interested, in need and caring people. No folks, I haven’t signed myself up for science experiments. This year, I am teaching business workshops.

Having participated in the Blogging for Business course last year as a guest speaker, I have caught somewhat of a teaching bug. My workshops have usually been me working closely with a client one on one about specific business needs. I still offer this (so if you want a 1 on 1 session, get in touch!), but am now also expanding it to help more people in a classroom setting.

The first class is ‘Facebook is dead. Long live social media’ and is an intermediate level social media course. It’s designed to help you optimise your current social media and prepare you for major changes in the social media world. I am co-producing this with the ever lovely Brook McCarthy from Yoga Reach. Our first one kicks off at the Unicorn Hotel on Oxford street in their newly decorated function room. It promises to be a great day. You will need to sit a little survey test to see if you qualify for entry. This is a business workshop designed to help you not simply have social media, but have social media that works. Register now.

Next is ‘How to create customer friendly content’ and is designed to help you make the most out of content of all kinds. Content is a massive influence on finding new customers and creating loyalty. It helps cut down your customer service and attract the right people for your business. Trouble is, many businesses find the idea of content difficult to get your head around or maintain a flow once you begin. I love content, and by the end of this business workshop, I know you will too. Find out more here and register now.

Later in the year is ‘Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird- Oh My! : An SEO workshop for non nerdy type’. This course is designed to help you get your head around Google rankings and how to reach your customers using SEO tactics. Unlike most courses in SEO, you won’t be expected to speak pure geek and know stuff about development. It’s aimed at helping small businesses, startups and freelancers who what to use SEO to help with your marketing efforts. You can pre-register here.

While all the scheduled dates are currently in Sydney, I am willing to take it to any city you ask for!

For example, I regularly travel to Orange and Narooma and have family in Wagga, so if you want to learn while I am in town, I am sure we can arrange a business workshop, whether it’s one on one or in a group. If I get a bunch of wonderful Brisbane people crying out for help, I have no problem with jumping on a plane.

Just tell me what you want and where you are, and I shall see what I can do to bring my business workshops to you!

Little business, do you want to meet freelancers?

I often find myself in the position of introducing freelancers to new clients and vice versa. So I’ve decided to start a little networking event called ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. However this is not networking as you know it. Each freelancer will be specifically chosen based on their ability to service a task or body of work you need completed for your business. There will also be a showcase of the talent, food and drink provided, and a little entertainment along the way.

The idea is to place the best person for your business at your fingertips showing both the quality of their work and giving you the chance to see them in a social environment. And in action.

Curious? Check out the details for ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ now. 

The final word

My main aim is to provide marketing plans, business workshops and events for business that help you get to the place you need to be. So as always, your feedback is welcome.

Feel free to get in touch with any further questions you may have or to discuss how I can help you.



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