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November 25, 2014
online freelance course

Being a freelancer is tough

But you can make your life easier by taking the online freelance course, the Freelance Trek.

I’ve spent the last 6 years as a freelancer.  I also conducted a national survey into the challenges faced by freelancers in 2011. That was off my own bat after being told by various government departments that while freelance data may be collected, it wasn’t a high priority.

What I found when I conducted the Freelance Survey was that even the most seasoned of freelancer trips up with:

  • Managing workflow
  • Getting late paying clients to tow the line
  • Sourcing the next job and business development
  • Feeling guilty when you say no to bad opportunities
  • The general isolation of the whole damn gig

That’s why I launched the Freelance Jungle face to face meetings in 2011, started an freelance online community group in 2016 and am now bridging the knowledge gap with it’s very own course.

What does the online freelance course include?

In the last 5 years, I have spoken to almost 500 freelancers. Online, face to face and in my inbox have been your questions about how to make your freelance journey easier.

At the same time as helping with my own advice, I’ve worked to provide educational opportunities and link freelancers in with companies, bodies and individuals that can help with the right advice to fix all kinds of freelance woes.

My belief is that building a solid, connected and informed freelance community makes it easier for us all to get work. It helps us avoid troublesome situations. And it creates a baseline of uniform skill and knowledge all freelancers can draw upon.

The online freelance course I have built is an accumulation of that knowledge for you to enjoy.

Want to know more about the online freelance course?

Head to the official sales and information page now! 

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