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How to spot your customers in a crowd

November 7, 2014

CUSTOMER BEARCustomers aren’t magical creatures, waiting to find the happy little land of your product. They are us!

They are you and I when we’ve got a problem we need solving, money in our pocket, and a desire to connect those funds with a solution to the problem.

And that problem can be as simple or as complex as a human can be. Which means their marketing the kind of copywriting you employ to grab their attention can be different, too.

The trick to a successful business is being able to spot your customers in a crowd. And once you’ve spotted them, start a little patter that will begin the sales process.

Forget the “one size fits all” approach to content marketing. We don’t all respond to leaflets, blogs, social media, videos and websites (and so on) the same way. And while it may look fashionable to jump on the parallax bandwagon or seem like a great idea to use buzz-words because that’s what appears to be the industry trend, this leaves very little room for the customer.

Our customers make or break our businesses.

Knowing who your customer is will future proof you far better against any design trend, consumer craze or market problem than any seminar or gimmick you can think of. If you have a solid product with a solid relationship with your customers, this is what it means to be successful in business. It’s when we start getting confused by our competitors and what they do, or blind-sided by marketing and/or technology trends that things start to fall down.

So I have decided to start a little fun series on how to spot your customer and how to start that all-important first conversation. It will change as customers change their ways, but at least this is a start.

Oh, and feel free to suggest any particular customer you are struggling with you don’t see featured here.  I intend this post to grow as the number of customer’s I get around to content profiling grows.

Simply click on the links below to meet each customer type. 

The Researcher

The Quick-Sale Customer

The Impulse Buyer

The Lurker

The Robbins-iser

The Fraidy Cat (coming soon)

The Greenie

The Hipster (coming soon)

The Kardashian (coming soon)

The Tech Addict (coming soon)


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