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November 25, 2014

Every second person is a business coach or marketing coach it seems. So why should you choose me?

I’ve been teaching people for the last 20 years in all things from drama to customer service complaint handling, so I know a thing or two about inspiring people to learn. Plus I am a huge nerd who spends an inordinate amount of time studying marketing, content creation, social media and blogging so that you don’t have to.

marketing coachThe most significant reason my coaching clients keep coming back for more is my coaching is not for the faint hearted. I am not your cheerleader, I am your coach. And like any decent coach, I don’t tell you what you want to hear. Instead, we work together to increase your performance and get you working smarter towards your goals.

It encompasses a little bit of psychology, a little bit of encouragement, and a lot of tough love. When we work together through a coaching session, it’s not a process of simply talking you through what should happen. It’s about giving you the tools to fix your situation, get yourself back on track and working through the issues.

As such, my marketing coach ethos includes:

  • A tailored plan of attack based on the problem you are trying to resolve
  • A minimum commitment of a regular session a month
  • The inclusion of homework, action steps and shared responsibilities. We BOTH need to work towards solving your problem through agreeing on goals and homework in between times
  • Providing you a solid basis for moving forward through research and advice
  • A commitment to employing a realistic attitude to the process. This is about goal orientated change

This is not the kind of coaching where someone is going to high-five every small thing you do and shower you in gold stars for turning up. The style of coaching I employ is about motivation, butt-kicking and is closer to an elite sports coach style than that of a gushing, skies-the-limit, “you can do this babe!” ego-fest.

A marketing coach – what is it good for? 

The short answer is the Unashamedly Creative style of coaching is for people truly committed to setting goals and smashing the ball out of the park. It’s for people who recognise they have a particular problem who want to work at it with some additional help and knowledge.

This style of marketing coaching is designed to help-

  • Individuals and organisations who are looking to launch new products and services
  • Freelancers, startups and individuals who want a critical examination of their current business practices and an actionable plan for future growth
  • Individuals, freelancers and ideas creators who want someone to give them honest advice, practical knowledge and usable feedback
  • Small business owners who feel as though their marketing efforts have stagnated and would love some advice and support
  • Anyone who feels like they’ve hit a wall with their creative or business endeavour who wants a completely unbiased, fresh pair of eyes to give it the once over and help with a reboot

 Find out what others have to say about me as a marketing coach: 

kate toon testimonial Unashamedly Creative testimonial- Shauna Maguire

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