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Hacking Happiness – a new idea for us all

March 26, 2015

hacking happinessI’ve always firmly believed that part of me is often reflected in my clients. It’s that part that drives us to carve out a little part of the world that others don’t seem to need. It’s an insatiable curiosity, the desire to challenge oneself and the deep seated desire to leave a little mark on the world.

There’s a small amount of fear that drives it, too. The fear of missing an opportunity or being unable to discover that true peacefulness that comes from creating and growing. It’s the little quiver in the belly when things are tantalisingly out of reach, but the hope that with a little application and elbow grease, they’ll be tamed.

All hail the moment when having a little mud on your knees and feeling the burn of failure is a small price to pay for the opportunity to put your stamp on the world.

This is of course, a rather long-winded and unusual way to say that while sometimes the hours are long and the projects a little manic, I’m pretty proud of where things are headed right now. Even if the butterflies in my stomach are more closely akin to a creature in Clive Barker’s imagination.

I’m taking Hacking Happiness’ ‘self-care for the self employed’ on the road.

After a successful workshop in Sydney, Brook McCarthy and I are heading down to Melbourne in April.  We’re also planning to bring a little self-care to the people of Adelaide in October and Brisbane in November.

I’m going to indulge myself a little here. I believe there’s a growing movement of freelancers and contractors, small business owners and solopreneurs who recognise that reducing the stress of their working life directly and positively influences their productivity. Finally, we can all come together for support that helps end that feeling of isolation so often found when you’re pushing tin solo.

Unlike many other workshops out there looking to help and skill the market, Brook and I haven’t been taught by someone else how to work like somebody else. Nor are we looking to turn everyone else into program participants who do what we do to move beyond survival to thriving.

It’s by people who “get it” who use what they know to get through. I’m drawing on the questions, problems and knowledge gained through 4 years of Freelance Jungle and countless hours of my own freelancing experience with a dash of client perspective rolled into one. Brook brings decades of understanding the wellness community and her own experiences to the table.

But it isn’t about us bringing the answers so much as asking the questions. Hacking Happiness is getting people to critically think about your business and apply new skills to help it grow. I personally am tired of having to unpack the stress of my clients after some course has taught them they have to be bigger, faster, better, leaner and so self-focussed you tie yourself in knots. Where’s the happiness and joy in feeling like you’re so far behind, you’ll never catch up?

Anyway, the long and the short of it is it’s nice to bring self-care for the self employed to people who want it.

We’re smashing it out in Vivid Ideas, too

Taking on that ultimate fairy tale of ‘the myth of work life balance in a get-ahead culture’ is what we’ll be bringing to the Museum of Contemporary art as part of Vivid Ideas.

Again, this is an extension of Hacking Happiness. But this time, it deals with the white collar professionals who are being promised lovely wheat grass shots and morning yoga in lieu of being able to go home. Or looking at the pressure we place on ourselves through betting the farm on our careers. Or even the simple act of leaving the work at work, an increasing problem in a mobile orientated world.

It’s exciting to be tackling a panel discussion about stress, overwork, career, the work life balance and what we can all do to regain perspective and inject realism into life.

You’ll hear a lot about this event over the coming months I’ll leave you with the bones for the moment.

The event will be held at the MCA on June 7th – and you can purchase tickets via our eventbrite link.   Its 2 hours and $29 a ticket- bargain!

Want to know more about Hacking Happiness and what the heck I’ve been up to? Go to http://hackinghappiness.com.au/ and read on!

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