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Want more help with marketing a business? OK then!

March 20, 2016

marketing a business - olu eletuWith the revival of the event-based Freelance Jungle and the success of the online group, I’ve been able to tap into some real time information about the challenges faced when marketing a business. Through picking the brains of freelancers, bloggers and small business owners, I’ve been able to identify some topics that regularly cause consternation and confusion.

And that’s why I’m now using Blab.IM to help bridge the knowledge gap via easy to use and interactive, live streaming video.

Blab is a free App available for Android and IOS users. It’s a live video streaming App that has in-built instant messaging and social media connectivity. Think of Google Hangouts, Periscope and Twitter mixing up a hot little hybrid and you’ve got Blab! It allows four way video and Blab allows other non-video participants to join in the conversation through instant messaging and likes for all to see. It connects via your Twitter login so you don’t have to rebuild yet another social media audience.

To help with marketing a business, I’ve setup a series of “Talking with…” style conversations covering a wide variety of topics. I’ve hand-selected my favourite experts in Australian business and asked them to give their time to a session with you. Each has generously donated their time to help your with your business endeavours.

Marketing a business and removing some of the mystery and questions about how to do it well is easy when you have these clever people on board!

Talking the non-planners business plan with Brook McCarthy – 3pm, Thursday 24th March 2016

brook mccarthyBrook has been the Thelma to my Louise in a few business projects now.

She’s a well respected freelancer who has helped countless solo operators and small business owners in sectors like wellbeing, alternative health and now creative arts. She’s a coach, a teacher and a no-nonsense motivator. And that’s why her approaches to hustling while still having heart in business are so very popular.

Brook is taking on one of the biggest challenges a business can face, the business plan. She’s planning to make this daunting task a reasonable, useful and ever so practical experience for you in the non-planners business plan.


Brook McCarthy is a writer, speaker, trainer and business coach with more than 10 years’ experience in online communications.

Brook’s flagship program, Hustle & Heart, helps service professionals to grow their business, their way, through digital marketing, PR and simple sales.

You can RSVP via the Freelance Jungle meetup to secure your spot. Or dive right in to the cue via the Blab link here.

Talking Google AdWords with Mel Samson 2pm Tuesday 29th March 2016

Mel-BalconyMel Samson is a Melbourne based Google Analytics and Google AdWords specialist. She’s my personal favourite when it comes time to refer clients ready to take the Google AdWords plunge. And she’s agreed to be a part of a freelance Q & A session on Google AdWords so you can learn about them as well!

So it’s time to bust a few myths about Google AdWords. Discover why and how they can help promote your business. And learn some great tricks and tips from a seasoned Google AdWords professional.


As the founder and co-owner of Click-Winning Content, Melinda helps Australian business owners maximise their investment in Google AdWords & use their Google Analytics data to improve their business performance.

She is committed to never using an acronym without explaining it first, and also likes cracked pepper, grand slam tennis and Melbourne sunsets.

You can RSVP via the Freelance Jungle meetup to secure your spot. Or dive right in to the cue via the Blab link here.

Talking freelance stress & productivity w Gen Baijan & Bek Lambert Thursday April 7th 7pm

Gen and I (Bek) met through Sydney’s music scene. Gen is a talented drummer and singer. I’m a closet singer who loves taking photos of musicians. We share a lot of mutual friends through the connectivity of bands.

And we also share an interest in the human mind and the impact of stress on people.

We sat on a stage of a different kind at Vivid Ideas last year as part of the “myth of work-life balance in a get ahead culture.” And we continue to talk about ways to reduce stress to help people avoid burn out and mental health issues.


Genevieve-BaijanGenevieve is a research psychologist who manages a project investigating the science of resilience at the University of Sydney.

She has spoken to national and international audiences on the subject, and is completing a PhD in psychology. Her current passion involves bringing practical, scientifically validated change strategies to the amorphous field of personal coaching.

In her spare time she loves to swim, play drums, and spend time with her partner and fur family.


BekAs a freelancer herself and a keen advocate for proper recognition and support for the Australian freelance community, Rebekah founded the Freelance Jungle in 2010.

She is also the founder of Hacking Happiness, a project designed to remind Australians that stress has a productivity cost.

Rebekah is currently training as a Lifeline Crisis Line Counsellor. Spare time consists of singing, drawing at the pub and wrangling her Labrador.

You can RSVP via the Freelance Jungle meetup to secure your spot. Or dive right in to the cue via the Blab link here.

Talking SEO with Kate Toon 2pm Tuesday April 19th 2016

kate toonSEO is a hot topic with freelancers. So it makes perfect sense to invite Australia’s most successful SEO freelancer, Kate Toon, in for a session.

I’ve kept my eye closely on Kate Toon since launching my freelance adventure in 2010. As a fellow copywriter and word nerd, learning SEO from Kate’s blog, social media and other adventures has helped me grow into a better copywriter.

Kate offers some cracking training courses for all kinds of businesses and freelancers. And she’s presented at Pro Blogger and countless other events on SEO. She loves myth-busting and playing it straight. And she’s coming to a Blab near you!


Kate Toon is a copywriter, SEO lover and Head Chef at The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse. She also runs The Clever Copywriting School and is the co-host of the Hot Copy Podcast.

The Recipe for SEO Success is an eight-week, online training eCourse is specifically designed to help small business owners do their own SEO.

You can RSVP via the Freelance Jungle meetup to secure your spot. Blab link will be supplied 28 days prior to Blab scheduled start time.

Marketing a business is all about team work

The journey begins with business plans, Google AdWords, productivity and SEO. But marketing a business is much more than that.

I also have future Blab’s in the pipeline on Facebook Ads, pitching yourself, debt collection, mixing social justice with business, tax advice and more. Stay close to the Freelance Jungle meetup and the Unashamedly Creative website for more details!

And if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to know about marketing a business, leave your suggestions and ideas in the comments below!

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