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Talking freelance stress & productivity with Genevieve Baijan & Rebekah Lambert

July 21, 2016

Stress is a massive problem for freelancers. That’s why I produced an online event via Blab geared towards giving practical strategies for freelancers with the help of Sydney University research psychologist, Genevieve Baijan.

Talking freelance stress & productivity with Genevieve Baijan & Rebekah Lambert 

Gen and I (Bek) met through Sydney’s music scene. Gen is a talented drummer and singer. I’m a closet singer who loves taking photos of musicians. We share a lot of mutual friends through the connectivity of bands.

And we also share an interest in the human mind and the impact of stress on people.

We sat on a stage of a different kind at Vivid Ideas 2015 as part of the “myth of work-life balance in a get ahead culture.” And we continue to talk about ways to reduce stress to help people avoid burn out and mental health issues.

Stress is a huge issue in the Australian freelance landscape. From workflow pressures through to late paying customers, hitting the 5th year wall and all manner of competitors, bad clients and stresses, it’s a wonder so many of us keep coming back for more.

In this special 1 hour edition of the Freelance Jungle Blab series, Gen and Bek take on the reasons behind the stress and work on creating resilience and other strategies to help with the future. Comments about my sensational hat welcome!



Gen Baijan - research psychologist - freelance stressGenevieve is a research psychologist who manages a project investigating the science of resilience at the University of Sydney.

She has spoken to national and international audiences on the subject, and is completing a PhD in psychology. Her current passion involves bringing practical, scientifically validated change strategies to the amorphous field of personal coaching.

In her spare time she loves to swim, play drums, and spend time with her partner and fur family.



Rebekah Lambert - freelance stress blab - freelance jungle As a freelancer herself and a keen advocate for proper recognition and support for the Australian freelance community, Rebekah founded the Freelance Jungle in 2010.

She is also the founder of Hacking Happiness, a project designed to remind Australians that stress has a productivity cost.

Rebekah is currently training as a Lifeline Crisis Line Counsellor. Spare time consists of singing, drawing at the pub and wrangling her Labrador.


Want more ways to relieve your freelance stress? Check out Hacking Happiness. It’s good for what ails you.

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