Increasing community engagement through social media

community engagementBackground:

Tasmanian fashion icon Yeltuor were looking for a way to maximise blogging and social media to their benefit. With an interest in reaching an audience outside of Tasmania, Yeltuor were looking at ways to increase their organic SEO and community engagement.

Unashamedly Creative was asked to provide help with blogging and social media with SEO in mind.


The aim of the social media and blogging was to:

  • Support organic SEO
  • Create a library of fun articles to engage the Yeltuor customer base, and give another way for fashion lovers to discover their products during the search process
  • Demonstrate Yeltuor’s knowledge of fashion
  • Explore the usage of other social media channels beyond Facebook
  • Understand the Yeltuor customer base better
  • Bring the Yeltuor community together and have a greater sense of who they were to attract more of the same



The first part of the process was to create a foundation marketing plan for Yeltuor that covered all potential aspects of growth while identifying key target areas.

Next, Unashamedly Creative created a Buying Cycle based blogging strategy that covered off key topics to cover. This coupled with imparting basic social media techniques to grow the audience across different channels while also re-writing parts of the copy and email strategy was designed to draw in the community to Yeltuor.

In order to understand the customer base better, Unashamedly Creative also conducted consumer research. This involved designing and promoting a survey about the ideal fashion consumer and existing Yeltuor consumer base for expansion.  


Significant growth was seen in organic traffic via social media and blogging channels. An anecdotal increase in community fondness for blogging was seen that carries through to this day.

Community engagement gained a major boost through the research process. During the research, over 450 Yeltuor customers and fashion lovers gladly gave vital information about preferred labels, the styles, and key demographic information. 90% of respondents also freely gave their birth date information for customer relationship management programmes, and their email for further contact.

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