Content planning for Fox Valley Animal Hospital

Fox Valley Animal Hospital is a successful and much beloved veterinary clinic situated in Wahroonga, Sydney. Fox Valley Animal Hospital contacted Unashamedly Creative for a review and an assessment of their current marketing.


During the process of assessing the hospital’s online presence, it was identified that the creation of regular blogs and social media would greatly assist in customer education, sharing the promotional material of the animal hospital and generally building a community around the animal hospital.


Unashamedly Creative was charged with the content planning for this undertaking.



The objective the content planning for Fox Valley Animal Hospital was to:

  • Create a plan that was easy for the often time-strapped business to follow easily
  • Identify opportunities to promote information to the hospital’s customer base for the purpose of new customer acquisition
  • Help bridge the knowledge gap with existing customers by providing information on not only happenings at the hospital but also care for animals in-between visits
  • Extend the current reach of social media beyond Facebook to other mediums
  • Promote the knowledge of the animal hospital and promote the pro-local community values
  • Improve the SEO of the web copy for better performance in organic search
  • Use it as a tool to train staff within the animal hospital on blogging, SEO and social media




Unashamedly Creative began by creating a custom content plan focussed on gaining new customers, helping bridge the knowledge gap with existing customers and aid in empowering pet owners to take charge of their animal’s care between visits.


This was later extended beyond blogging to include social media. This meant-

  • Providing a structure and schedule to the existing Facebook usage
  • Adding GooglePlus and Twitter into the mix for information sharing
  • Investigating Instagram as a means to capture life at the animal hospital on a day-to-day basis



The new and improved Fox Valley Animal Hospital website was launched with 6 months of content planning and a strong revision of the social media.

The content plan has been successfully implemented and is currently in use at the animal hospital.

New and existing customers draw on the site as a source of education between visits- and to stay in touch with the hospital promotions.

Vet nurses are being trained to contribute to both social media and the blogging to ensure that Fox Valley Animal Hospital remains in charge of its content now and in the future.

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