Copywriter for website Opportunity Knox


Opportunity Knox needed a copywriter for website projects. As a business to business site servicing the import/export market between Australia and China, Opportunity Knox needed to improve their online presence and cater for the two markets appropriately. The idea was to work with both markets at the same but not have to craft the copy for both markets.

What was needed was someone with experience with working with the Asian business market who could write English that was effective enough to attract business yet simple enough to easily translate from English to Chinese and back again.

As someone who has extensive experience on working with online localisation projects within Asia and Australia New Zealand, Unashamedly Creative was brought in to work on writing website copy with the designers, Soda Digital.


To draw on my specific knowledge of the Asian market to create copy that set the Sydney based company ahead of other choices in the Chinese market for entrepreneurs seeking design, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, sales and marketing, management solutions and support in the consumer  and business to business sectors in both Australia and China.


Unashamedly Creative worked with design agency Soda Digital to create:

a) Compelling and informative sales copy

b) In an easily translatable format across English and Simplified Chinese

c) That was both appealing and culturally sensitive to both markets

d) That was appealing to the export/import market, a tough market with often cynical approach to marketing who are always looking for the next opportunity


As the chosen Copywriter for website Opportunity Knox, I made sure the copy was translated with ease and the English version of copy required no re-work or re-writes prior to site deployment. The work was delivered on time and to specification without needing to be edited or altered.





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