The Freelance Jungle Trek

April 8, 2016
online freelance course

The Freelance Jungle Trek

The Freelance Jungle trek is a freelance course designed to provide freelancers in Australia with what they need to know from the start to working, profitable in 34 lessons.

This freelance course is designed to help you get from freelancing zero to hero through all kinds of advice, connections and assistance.

However like any trek through any kind of jungle, the Freelance Jungle Trek is a course for freelancers who are:

  • Looking to put in the hard yards and turn freelancing into a career
  • Are not afraid of having to do exercises, plans and work during the course
  • Looking for practical advice, tips and ideas that will then turn into your own elbow grease

Taking on the challenge of the Freelance Jungle’s 100 Day Trek means you want more from a course than simply reading and can put in the effort to become a freelancer.

I provide the structure and the course, you supply the enthusiasm.


Freelancing topics covered include:

  • How to get freelance work without a net, in your underpants
  • Building the right foundation for kick off
  • How to win business even in a lean climate
  • Lead generation techniques
  • Turning free work opportunities into strategic choices (not just freebies)
  • Creative Marketing 101 for freelancers
  • Lion taming difficult clients
  • Ethical freelancers starts and ends with you
  • How to say no to really dumb ideas without feeling guilty
  • Time management, project juggling and getting stuff done
  • Networking without the sleazy cheesy vibe
  • All the dry, boring stuff you need to know to stay safe
  • How to upsell a job, secure regular work and diversify all at the same time

In total, you receive 34 lessons across a wide variety of topics.

The course will be conducted via an online course. It also includes group live streaming video sessions via Blab at the end of the course so you can feel primed and prepared to take on the freelance world.

This freelance course is designed to fit your timetable AND get you closer to making the cash without the headache. You are given 100 days access to take advantage of the lessons.

Networking events will also be held in Sydney and Wollongong. Other cities where the demand is high will also be added. I’m happy to travel to cities and towns to help out my fellow freelancers, but this is dependent on registration numbers.


  • Practical info to help you kick freelance arse in blog, email, class and exercise format
  • A one-on-one coaching session with me for half an hour to talk about your freelance blues
  • Exclusive access to a closed community to share information


ONLY $99

So what are you waiting for? Join the Freelance Jungle Trek today!

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