Creative copywriting is great for website content writing

Website content writing by Unashamedly Creative I’m asked what creative copywriting is on occasion. When it comes to website content writing or even writing your website, it’s probably the best option available to you.

Instead of boring people with the same tired marketing lines, a creative copywriter pushes the envelope. Rather than trot out the same simile as the next guy, we’ll think of some other way to paint a picture in your mind’s eye. In the world of website content writing, this is super important because it means your website stands out from the crowd.

The definition of what creative copywriting is pretty loose. After all, most things that are creative a little bit different and hard to pin down!

But if you waved $100 bucks at me and said “OK smarty pants, tell me how creative copywriting is helpful to my business?” this is what I’d probably say.

You write knowing people self educate

An SEO copywriter will be attempting to get a customer to land on a page and rank well in Google.

A sales copywriter will be marching out their sales funnel with the intent of making a customer perform an action. Think an email signup or a purchase.

A creative copywriter has no qualms about playing the game for the long haul.  

A creative copywriter understands your customer wants to self research. As such, we don’t just plan for a blog or a page. We design website content writing to work across the pages of your website and the posts in your blog. We reach out to social media and do more than riff out posts for the hell of it. We go beyond website content writing to think about distribution, social media and short forms options.

We know your customers compare options.  That they think carefully about the money they spend. And want you to provide excellent support for your product. Or connect to a relationship and/or lifestyle via your brand.

Your creative copywriter builds a website and other marketing collaterals to encourage longevity. We foster a slow burn style relationship that keeps your customers intrigued and interested.

Let’s take that romance imagery a step further.

The sales copywriter bets their reputation on one interaction. They believe writing a sales page will get the money panties flying. Sales pages are effective to push the “now” product. They are effectively the marketing version of a one night stand.

With SEO copywriting, a lot of work needs to go into ensuring keywords is the focus.  They continue to flirt with Google rankings and build a relationship there. But it’s a relationship that is influenced by Google algorithm updates and external circumstances.

And some SEO copywriters focus more on the technical scoreboard side of writing then what appeals to the average customer.

The creative copywriter believes in a long term relationship and isn’t afraid to take it slow to get a sustainable thing happening.

And they may use the skills of the SEO copywriter to get that glance across a crowded room. Or the charisma of the sales page to entice your customers to action. But they’ll bring marketing and story, content and connection to the table.

A creative copywriter’s job doesn’t end with your customers taking a specific action like landing on a page or buying a product.

So when I prepare a website for a client, I’m not optimising for a sales funnel or a Google Bot, I’m optimising for a relationship.

Information is easy to come by

You’d think all copywriting is about information. Yet some of it is about what it doesn’t say. Check out many of the startup websites that are out there. They hide prices and push the trial. They create sign up barriers so they get your details at the slightest bit of interest.

And the bad websites in this category team the high barriers with non-conversational language that is heavy on the buzzwords.

It’s a popular industry practise, but it’s counter-intuitive to good marketing.

A creative copywriter would rather eat a baked soccer ball than make your customers dig for information.

Creative copywriting is about the story. It’s the fan dance and slow reveal of an idea designed to attract your customer. And it’s designed to make them feel knowledgeable and relaxed about what you do.

Being WYSWYG is a massive advantage in new customer acquisition. It cuts down the time wasters and it improves your conversion rate.

Plus, it makes it easier to upsell new customers onto new services you’ve established trust. Website content writing done with the customer in mind and a creative twist doesn’t feel like the usual sales patter.


Your customers feel empowered

Think about the ways in which word of mouth help your business. Now think about word of mouth and an empowered customer. You don’t have to have someone become a direct customer to empower them with the language to describe your business.

You just need to make them feel like their clever brain was what discovered you.

The creative copywriter weaves in the watertight quips and conversational language that attracts sales. And they give your customers what they need to justify their purchases to themselves. They also provide the explanation needed to sell the idea to their partners, friends, parents, and the postman.

You give them the gift of information and a sense that they are in control of the choices they make with their hard earned dollar. They in turn tell everyone about you as their latest new discovery.

The set the website content writing experience up to tell a story. As well as make that story easy to relay.

By allowing customers to self educate and to soak in your product for as long as they like on their own terms, you build trust and relationship.

Creative copywriting is about choice

I’m smart enough to know you receive all kinds of business advice from all kinds of corners. You don’t need me to pile in and be another jerk telling you what to do.

But what I do hope to do is lay it all out there for you. So you can self educate at your pace and feel good about your choice to work with me.

And that’s why you keep coming back to my website to read more content. And it’s the same thing I can teach you to do for your customers, too.

You see, the biggest difference between other copywriting options you have available to you is I am not interested in bribery. I’m not going to tell you that you’ll be on the front page of Google in 3 months time. I don’t believe consumers land on a page and flip out their wallet without doing research.

And neither should you.

Closing the gap between what your customers come to understand about your products and your business model is crucial.

If you sell a story focussed on stapling SEO terms in to knock someone off a Google ranking or push a sale right away, you can forget a long term relationship. Website content writing that works fosters this relationship through being a cornerstone of your marketing. It works with other assets to remind your customers to come back and see for themselves.

The gap between your marketing communications and what your customer receives is filled with disappointment. And the wider the gap, the more disappointment that grows there.

So the answer to the $100 question is:

Creative copywriting is about creating an atmosphere of trust. They seek to build a lasting business to consumer relationship.

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