Death Doula Marketing Workshop

How on earth do you sell a good death?

We humans love the idea of death in our music, books, films and popular culture. But when it comes down to having a frank and open discussion about our own mortality and what it means to have a good death, we become awkward and nervous. Some even avoid the subject entirely.

However, the nature of Australia and our relationship with death is changing. The sheer volume of Baby Boomers means that dying at home has to become a normal, natural and viable option. Our desire to move away from the solemn, traditional and the religious means how we celebrate our life and death needs to transform.

We want to experience death on our own terms. We’d prefer to choose simplicity over stress and peace over problems. Leaving behind fear and dread, we want to be the person we are during the end of life or life limiting period prior to death. And to leave this world with the least amount of heartache possible inflicted on those left behind.

That’s why death literacy is so important and a driving force for a growing field of care givers called death doulas.

But how do you break through the stigma and present yourself as a helper on the journey to greater understanding of self? How do you introduce and market the concept of a good death?


As end of life care practitioners and death doulas, we have a unique ability to plumb the depths many shy away from. Our problem is usually that we suck at marketing ourselves.


When you spend time giving your heart and your head to helping people with one of life’s greatest transitions, it can be tough to work through self promotion. Words like business development, marketing, sales and all the rest feel so incongruous and unwelcome when speaking in terms of helping people create a good death.

The problem isn’t so much with marketing itself. All marketing is about solving a problem, relating a story and helping people. It’s that we perceive that when we undertake such sensitive, emotional and essential work, that business will somehow cheapen the process.

However, we can draw strength and understanding from realising that the work we perform has to be sustainable to have a lasting change. To be able to help as many people as possible craft their version of a good death, we have to come together as a community and create a viable, recognisable industry.

Sustainable business is part of having purpose define the inner workings of your enterprise. With purpose on your side, profit isn’t for shareholders or shiny toys. It’s seen as a way to keep your business humming and as accessible to as many people as possible.

By having a sustainable business, you’re electing to:

  • Create a business that is in this field for the long haul. You want to help as many people as you can through ensuring your business pays its way
  • Use growth as a tool to provide opportunity. For example, you may provide paid services to some to help offset costs for the less fortunate. Or you may have income from one area to help pay for free or low cost offerings of a different kind
  • Embrace marketing as a way of improving death literacy and fly the flag for death doulas and end of life care everywhere
  • Find your own voice and share your story in an intimate way to attract the clients you’re best suited to


We’ll spend a day together crafting your pitch, checking out the avenues for marketing and getting through the process of business marketing basics.

This will include:

  • How to market yourself without feeling like a jerk
  • Learning the standards and regulations set down by the medical writers association and industry standards when producing marketing material
  • Crafting your business voice
  • Investigating and identifying channels for your marketing such as websites, blogging, social media and more
  • Carving out your network for further marketing support and areas of interest

You will also receive the opportunity to:

  • Join the Freelance Jungle, a community for self employed people and small business owners for information sharing and networking
  • Continue on for further in depth studies in marketing with me at a 20% discount
  • Take advantage of business coaching


A special price of $350 for students who have completed the Preparing the Way phase 3 course within the last 12 months is on offer.



As a product creator and marketer with over 20 years experience, I have worked with some of the biggest names and trickiest concepts the world over. From launching new products through to community invigoration for dating services, online marketing for Walt Disney Internet Group through to retail roadshows for fortune 500s, I’ve done it.

I’m also a qualified events coordinator and have run everything from high end sales events through to cross country sponsorship, large scale dating events, networking and more. I’ve also held two sell out events as part of the Vivid Ideas program ‘the myth of worklife balance in a get ahead culture’ in 2015 and ‘the future of work is freelance’ in 2017.

As Unashamedly Creative, I have a flourishing freelance business of some 8 years in content marketing and community management and run of Australia’s most popular business communities in the Freelance Jungle. I regularly write and am featured speaking about stress reduction in the field of self employment and you’ll find my work featured on Health Writer Hub, Business Chicks, SEEK and for Bupa. And I’ve also coached and taught numerous self employed people in social media, marketing, self care for the self employed and business development.

In 2015, I spent a year volunteering with Beyond Blue and the Council of Small Business Australia to help improve the outreach to self employed Australians in relation to stress reduction and improving the messaging related to proper treatment of mental health in the workplace.

I’ve also trained under Helen Callahan of Preparing the Way through to part 3 of the end of life doula course, hold a current St John’s Ambulance mental health first aid certificate, am trained in ASIST suicide model of intervention and am RTO trained crisis supporter with Lifeline Australia.


From my previous workshops

I came away from the workshop with more clarity about how I was spending my time and, more importantly, how I wanted to spend my time. I learned so much, from working out my most productive time of the day, to realising that it’s my decision-making skills that are the real cause of my stress. Since then I’ve been so much more productive and as a result, healthier and happier. – Sarah

Supportive, fun, useful and thought provoking – can highly recommend! Charlotte

From my work as a marketing coach

I sought help from Unashamedly Creative’s Marketing Pain Point Clinic, for advice on ways to market my services that are true to me. Rebekah nailed my major ‘pain point’ within the first 2 minutes of the call! She filled the hour with useful tips on how to improve my positioning, redefine my target market and get the word out to them. Like a gift that keeps on giving, I’m still working through her suggestions, which I’m sure will keep me busy for many months – and inspire me to create my own marketing style. Thanks so much, Bek! – Virginia

I’ve been freelancing for just over a year, and I’d hit a rut where I wasn’t sure how to market myself or gain new clients. Bek was able to look at the problems differently and offer me some simple, practical ways forward. Her emphasis on authenticity in business was refreshing and did a lot to boost my confidence. I’m now feeling much more supported and enthusiastic about my business and am already starting to see greater engagement with potential clients. – Lou

Bek helped me enormously. She helped cut through the waffle that was holding me back and offered some clear, easy to-dos to help me focus on the direction that would work best for my business. And that’s the thing. Bek takes the time to get to know you and what you want to achieve – she doesn’t throw a heap of irrelevant buzz words at you and simply say ‘There you go’! Instead, she listens, guides and prompts you to think in a warm and approachable way and you come away from a single hour with her with a feeling of direction and action. Seriously? I could have saved myself SO much faffing about if I’d consulted her sooner. – Carla




Brisbane, QLD – FRIDAY MAY 18TH







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What can I hope to get from learning with you?

My aim is to give you the courage, tools and skills necessary to craft a business that feels like your own. I want you to walk away shaking off that marketing and business development cringe. I want you to go home inspired to put in a practical framework to deal with every day challenges. And hopefully, help you sleep at night safe in the knowledge that your business is thriving instead of surviving and protected against what life can throw up.

Who is this course for?

Anyone in end of life care and/or operating as a death doula that wants to shake off the checklist advice to marketing and that wants to feel comfortable and confident in their business skin. This is about building a sustainable business through activating your business voice. You also have to be willing to listen, to talk and to work with the group to move forward.

Who isn’t this course for?

This isn’t for anyone that wants to fight the idea that marketing is a part of the industry. It is. We have to share the story to have the story grow, after all! It’s also not for anyone that thinks we should all claim territory like old fashioned gold panners and being the local death doula will be enough. Let’s give our clients choice through providing opportunities, yeah?

I have a group of death doulas/advocates/writers etc that would love this. Is it for them?

I am available to design curriculum that caters to specific areas including (but not limited to) targeted groups, professionals in end of life care outside of doula roles, writers interested in death, people in mental health services, death and end of life related startup and more. All I ask is that you have 4 or more people interested in the same field in the same city or town to make it worth my while. Curious? Get in touch via rebekah (at) unashamedlycreative (dot) com (dot) au

Will you be doing this course online?

This may be planned for the future. It is dependent on uptake. It’s better at this stage to invite me to your city or town.

I’d love you to do this course for my NFP or business group. Is that available?

Sure is. Just get me that critical 4 paying participants and we can talk turkey.