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business marketing plan - The foundation marketing plan - Unashamedly CreativeWant a business marketing plan that’ll take you to new heights? You need the Foundation Marketing Plan from Unashamedly Creative!

Perfect for your small business or startup, the Foundation Marketing Plan gives you a solid backbone to your marketing activities for 6 months. It’s ideal for those of you who want to know where to market, what social media channels you should use, and how you can use content to its best advantage.

The aim of the game is to help businesses and startups solidify your marketing and give you a working business marketing plan to follow.


The Foundation Marketing Plan is designed to:

  • Give new businesses or businesses that are new to marketing a solid kick off plan
  • Give existing businesses and startups an actionable business marketing plan for 6 months of business
  • Identify the audience and customers, and attract more of the same
  • Have a multi channel marketing plan with sound research and reasoning
  • Alleviate the pressure of researching, investigating and putting together a solid marketing plan for the time strapped business or startup


How does this business marketing plan work?

  • Drop me an email indicating you’d like me to create a business marketing plan for you together with information about your particular circumstances (e.g. if you are a new business looking for something to start with, or an existing one looking to assess and revamp your activities)
  • I pop on my Dr Diagnosis hat and send you through some applicable questions and a couple of exercises to fill in, together with the invoice
  • We tee up an initial half an hour call so we can chat through things
  • You pay the deposit, describe those symptoms further by answering the questions and completing the exercises provided. This will also include your website, social media and any existing marketing activities you have used
  • It’s time for the exploratory surgery stage! I grab my scalpel and slice into your business and marketing, and assess what is working, what isn’t, and critically analyse the current state of play for your activities
  • After this is complete, I couple this with the information you previously provided as well as my own research into your industry and create a foundation marketing plan
  • Once the suggested treatment plan is built, I’ll contact you to book an appointment, and we’ll hook up on Skype for an 1 hour intensive dig into your new business marketing plan
  • From here, the foundation report is finalised and you can begin


The Foundation Marketing Plan ideal for:

  • Any business or startup who does not have the head count (or time and resources) to build your own business marketing plan
  • Launching a new product or product line into the market
  • Any business or startup looking to re-brand themselves and begin a new marketing phase
  • Having a solid understanding of what has and hasn’t worked with your marketing in the past and a strong, tested approach to marketing in the future
  • Giving your business the ability to understand your customers on a deep level to attract more of the clients you desire
  • Any business and startup looking to migrate current marketing to a junior and/or new staff member that requires an easily to follow plan for this team member (note: additional training fees may apply)


What’s included in my business marketing plan?

  • Initial half an hour consult
  • Product definition
  • Audience and market assessment
  • Competitor Analysis
  • A review of your current marketing, social media and blog offerings
  • Social Media marketing plan
  • A content marketing plan based on your customer buying cycle
  • Suggested marketing activities for 6 months
  • A scheduling plan to follow
  • An action plan for your marketing activities including content marketing, social media and more
  • A guide to reporting
  • Suggestions on distribution channels to increase your content’s exposure
  • Complimentary eBook on creating great content
  • 1 hour Skype call to talk you through your new plan


What kinds of outcomes can you expect from the Foundation Marketing Plan? 

The Foundation Marketing Plan is based on research into the market and your chosen area of expertise and includes information to assist with acquiring your audience, lead generation, marketing techniques and how to track your marketing activities.

With this completely tailored business marketing plan, you can confidently move forward with your next 6 months or more of activities with a proper, easy to follow plan based on sound research and assessment.

Plus you’ll be able to report on the effectiveness of your marketing. Nice!


Designed to spring you into marketing with an in depth understanding of your customers, competitors and how to tap into your best potential with your marketing, this business marketing plan is $2400 (incl GST).

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