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Welcome for the official page for The Age of Word Love, the first Unashamedly Creative eBook!

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After 18 odd years producing content for the likes of Lavalife, Hewlett-Packard, Walt Disney Internet Group, and startup success stories such as Bubblegum Interactive and Open Shed, it was time to distil some of my own tips, tricks and helpful motivational points into assistance for other people.

The result is The Age of Word Love.

This chunky little content creation eBook is the perfect new companion to your existing marketing knowledge, whether this is your very first time, or you’re a seasoned player!

This easy to use resource is aimed at people like you who often have to take on the marketing responsibility solo.

Whether you’re in small business or a small department, a bootstrapping startup or cash strapped community group, the Age of Word Love is here to clarify, inspire and help you make the most out of your content journey.


The Age of Word Love is designed to help you:


  • Understand what you want from content, and how to get it
  • Plan out your content to reach the right customers first time, every time
  • Capture your cool content ideas before they disappear
  • Keep creating content, even if the well runs dry
  • Understand what it takes to create blogs that customers like
  • Know the basic rules behind pleasing Google and keeping your content search friendly
  • Write the kinds of blogs people want to read and recommend
  • Promote your content effectively through social media
  • Create social media that customers love
  • Track how your content journey is going
  • Understand your customers better through using social media and content


The Age of Word Love also includes:

  • Exercises and worksheets to help you bootstrap your way to content happiness
  • Myth busters on popular content misconceptions
  • Exercises to help you define your target audience effectively
  • A list of other content types you can try
  • A recommended further reading list
  • A content schedule diary to help you with post creation and social media


With the Age of Word Love, you can begin a lasting love affair with your customers via social media and content.

You can work through your particular content pain points at the pace that suits you and learn to love telling your business story.

What does the Age of Word Love cost?

As my maiden eBook, I am offering The Age of Word Love to fans of Unashamedly Creative in exchange for your email address.

All you need to do is add your email below and you could be winging your way to content happiness! Yes folks, welcome to your FREE Content eBook.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you experiencing the Age of Word Love for yourself! 


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