Freelance copywriter portfolio: Copy for Fox Valley Animal Hospital

Sometimes it’s more than your freelance copywriter portfolio that gets you the job.

Fox Valley Animal Hospital is a beloved veterinary clinic situated in Wahroonga, Sydney. Their website design and website copy did not reflect the business effectively. The client was relying heavily on Yellow Pages to grow the business and finding minimal return for the outlay.

Fox Valley Animal Hospital contacted Unashamedly Creative for a review and an assessment of their current marketing. During this review, it was identified the website had functionality issues, did not support SEO well, and that it failed to capture the heart and soul of the community centric, pro-animal hospital.

A plan of attack that involved a new website, new website copy and a content plan was developed.



The objective of the new website for Fox Valley Animal Hospital was to:

  • Acquire new customers – without the need for costly advertising spends
  • Help bridge the knowledge gap with existing customers by providing information on not only happenings at the hospital but also care for animals in-between visits
  • Aid with member retention
  • Promote the knowledge of the animal hospital and promote the pro-local community values
  • Improve the SEO of the web copy for better performance in organic search
  • Cater to customer who are in emergency situations by having a fully responsive website


Unashamedly Creative brought in development and design house Two Ten Solutions to refresh the look and feel of the website and upgrade the user functionality. Two Ten Solutions worked with the client directly and in concert with Unashamedly Creative to create a website that was both easy to navigate and informative.


Unashamedly Creative worked on the following elements:

  • Selection and planning of SEO keywords
  • Write appealing yet easy to understand SEO rich website copy
  • Advising on necessary elements for information architecture and site structure for SEO
  • Developing a tailored content plan to be used on the hospital’s blog
  • Advise on elements related to UX and navigation


The new and improved Fox Valley Animal Hospital was launched with boosted rankings. Fox Valley Animal Hospital was able to move away from the costly Yellow Pages advertising spend to focus on creating strong and effective customer geared content.

The content plan has been successfully implemented and is currently in use at the animal hospital.

New and existing customers draw on the site as a source of education between visits- and to stay in touch with the hospital promotions. The website is also easy to maintain and fully responsive. And is a proud addition to my freelance copywriter portfolio.

Portfolio - fox valley animal hospital - website copy

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