Gibson T Dog – Morale Officer


Gibson T Dog. Unashamedly Creative Morale Officer

Meet Gibson T Dog – the Unashamedly Creative Morale Officer. 

It truly is a dog’s life for the Unashamedly Creative Morale Officer, Gibson T Dog.

Gibson works part time as light relief from the day’s work, often reminding Sydney based freelancer and all round creative copywriting, content creating word nerd Rebekah Lambert that a well needed tug of war break or walk around the block does wonders for the creative soul.

He works as inspiration through his forever positive attitude, his joyful approach to lunch time and the fact he rarely drops the ball, even when asked.

Gibson is passionate about animal rights, sunbeam chasing and is often heard singing along to his favourite band, the Queens of the Stone Age, during the working day.

You can follow Gibson’s antics on Twitter as @bronte_labrador  and discover why every office should have a Labrador here.

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