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Welcome to Unashamedly Creative

Hi- I am Rebekah Lambert.

Unashamedly Creative is what I’d love all businesses to be.

Can you imagine how much more connected to your marketing, audience, strategy and business communication you would be if you had the confidence to be creative in your business communication and content marketing?

So many of my clients want to get on with the job of doing their best work. But they’re hindered a fear of marketing. Or worse still, trying to sound like every other business out there.

That’s where I come in.

I am a Wollongong based business communication freelancer who works with clients just like you right across Australia.

I help profit-for-purpose organisations, small businesses, start-ups, all levels of government and self-employed people to create great marketing campaigns and business communication strategies. I connect up communities through community management and social media. I can even help you identify potential markets and build strategies with marketing plans, business plans and more.

Whether you are looking for content marketing and written communication, community management and social media services, coaching and training, and strategy and planning,I can help.

Curious? Get in touch now. 

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