June Freelance Jungle is super funky

Are you a Sydney freelancer? Well, have I got a treat for you! After flirting with doing a Google Hangout for June’s Freelance Jungle, I’ve decided to go completely the opposite to sitting around at home, doing it via video in my PJ’s (which may still happen in July, but anyway).

The June Freelance Jungle is being rolled into a launch party- and man, is it cool!

One of my clients, eXpertLocal, is having a launch party. In typical creative style, it won’t just be one of those do’s where you turn up, drink some booze, here some yakkety-yak and then roll home.

Oh no- when you work in a space that’s all about bringing the cool local stuff to people, you have to do a little bit more special than that!

Here’s the deal-

eXpertLocal are hiring out new Redfern hip-hop bar, Hustle and Flow, for a super duper party evening on Thursday June 27th.

Interior of the very funky venue, Hustle and Flow
Interior of the very funky venue, Hustle and Flow

Tim, the owner of the bar, is a former design freelancer and kick arse artist. His bar is amazingly decorated with graffiti, and serves up things you won’t get in a lot of places, like Filipino beers and snacks, craft beers and ciders, and of course cool hip-hop and RnB tunes.

Being an awesome experience based sharing economy (or collaborative consumption as it is otherwise known) business, eXpertLocal wanted to bring the party goers something really special. Luckily, Tim is a creative dude with a few interesting connections.

With an awesome startup meets up with an awesome bar with a creative leaning, stuff is bound to get very awesome very quickly! It’s the right place to be if you’re a Sydney freelancer, trust me!

So the evening will also be including some super cool guests who make graffiti, booze and some amazingly Australian tucker.

Cryptic? Not really, I just don’t want to spoil the surprise! If you want to know what that entails, well you’re just going to have to rock up and see now, aren’t you?

What I can tell you is this:

This is a Freelance Jungle where you can expect to meet a bucket load of freelancers, creative people, startup types, greenies, sharing economy devotees, Redfern locals all while you get entertained, learn some nifty stuff and eat, drink and be merry.


Date:                     Thursday 27th June

Time:                    7pm til 10pm

Venue:                 Hustle and Flow Bar

                                105 Regent st, Redfern (2 mins from Redfern station)

RSVP Date:         Friday 21st June

RSVP via:             The Freelance Jungle Meetup group


Did I mention it’s also FREE?  

To find out more about the wonderful people who are putting this on for you, check out eXpertLocal.

To RSVP, head to The Freelance Jungle Meetup group- see you there party animals!


Are you a Sydney freelancer? Want to meet other freelancers online and in person? Join the Freelance Jungle and on Facebook now.



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