You know you’re a word nerd when…

word nerd

Wondering if you are a total word nerd? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are the 27 tell tale signs you are a totally huge reading and writing obsessed word nerd!

  1. Everyone loves the latest pop song, but you can’t bring yourself to do it because the lyrics are so damn cliché.
  2. Your night stand consists of more book choices than most people have in their entire collection.
  3. You always have a spare bookmark.
  4. That scratchy feeling you wake up to in the middle of the night is usually the reason you have aforesaid spare bookmark.
  5. Choosing which books to pack on holidays is the ultimate Sophie’s choice.
  6. People suggest getting a Kindle or iPad and you immediately think “where’s the fun in that?”
  7. Each time you visit a bookshop, you have to significantly remodel your storage and shelf space.
  8. Hand bags are purchased not on their style so much as their ability to house books, notepads and pens.
  9. Stationary makes you giddy.
  10. “Let’s go to bed and read” is the sexiest thing your partner can say.
  11. Your Pinterest account looks like porn channels for pop up libraries.
  12. If an author suggests you check out another writer as you read, you listen.
  13. You answer the “if you were stranded on a desert island, what would you take?” game with two simple words- “my library”.
  14. You inhale deeply in bookstores, libraries and stationery stores just to capture the smell of happy pages.
  15. While everyone is complaining about the actors in a TV show, it’s the script that matters to you.
  16. You can always be counted on for the long emails and letters.
  17. Ink on your fingers and smudges on your hand make you smile.
  18. Attempts at rhyme that actually don’t really, really bother you.
  19. You don’t have to consult the booklet for two letter words when playing Scrabble. You know those bad boys by heart.
  20. As a kid, you read the dictionary.
  21. You carry a diary or journal in preference to an iCal.
  22. When you finish a book, you miss the characters you’ve read about.
  23. Friends say they don’t do much reading and your hand flies to your face in horror.
  24.  “I’ve run out of things to blog about” is not a phrase you’ll ever utter.
  25. A stylish pen is always a great present for you.
  26. Lying in bed, reading a book and drinking a tea or a wine is your idea of a heavenly day off.
  27. You’ve toyed with getting someone’s quote tattooed to you (or you’ve done it).


Are you a word nerd? What’s missing? 

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