Learn Content Marketing workshop


Want to learn content marketing? Now is your chance!

Learn content marketing in a supportive environment. Say goodbye to blogging and hello to a big picture view of your content marketing. This course is for businesses, startups and freelancers who have dabbled in blogging, but are having trouble maintaining momentum and/or are not finding the conversion they require with your current content marketing.

You can learn content marketing in a safe, supportive environment during a workshop tailored specifically to meet your business needs.


The aim of this content marketing workshop is to help you:

  • Learn content marketing such as blogging, social media, raw social media and more
  • Better understand content and the types of content marketing choices available to you
  • Identify what content forms match your interest and your intended audience
  • Understand the different ways you can apply content marketing to your customer service and sales efforts
  • Convert people who are choosing between your business and a competitor to your customer with content
  • Learn how to save money, time and resources through planning your content production
  • Understand why you need to include your customer buying cycle within your content marketing
  • Measure how your content is working, and what to do if it isn’t
  • Present a strong case for content as part of your ongoing marketing to stakeholders and naysayers
  • Work out how to spot when your content marketing endeavours are working


Who should attend?

Creating Customer Friendly Content is designed to help out:

  • Any individual, freelancer, business or startup investigating content as part of their ongoing marketing activities
  • Any business or startup that recognises a review of current content activities is required
  • Any business or startup looking to build a strong, engaging and sales driving story for their customers
  • Any business or startup that is looking to investigate all different kinds of content from blogging and beyond
  • Marketing departments and teams who are looking to learn content marketing or strengthen particular areas

The idea is to learn content marketing in a way that supports YOUR aims.

The sorts of things you’ll learn in this content marketing workshop: 

  • An overview of content and why it is (but it isn’t) blogging
  • Is content marketing right for you business?
  • Choosing the right content marketing channels for your needs
  • Developing your voice for content marketing
  • Learn content marketing types – raw, social media, blogging and more
  • Matching your content marketing ideas with the right audience
  • An overview of how SEO influences your content marketing
  • How to create a content plan- and stick to it!
  • Tricks to bootstrapping your way to content creation glory
  • Why content isn’t just for Christmas


The workshop includes:

  • 1 day tailored workshop on content marketing
  • 3 page after care and action plan

Includes pre-assessment and research into your goals, a whole day workshop, lunch and aftercare post the event for $299. 





NOTE: This is not a course on ‘how to be a blogger’ or a ‘how to make your blog your job’.

This is about using blogging and content to support your business needs. As an entry requirement to this course, you must have a business or freelance career currently in operation, work as part of a marketing team or are in the late stages of startup mode.


To register your interest in the ‘Creating Customer Friendly Content’ workshop, email rebekah (at) unashamedlycreative.com.au



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