Marketing content for leading Australian insurer

Marketing content isn’t only about sharing sales information. It can also be about educating the customer and building a community as well.

Such is the undertaking by a leading Australian car insurance brand with their blogging initiative.

marketing content
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As one of the chosen writers for this Australian insurance brand, I work with a highly skilled team who plan content marketing strategies that aim to assist in consumer education. By being transparent with information, the aim of the program to help consumers become better informed car owners overall.


The objectives for marketing content via blogs are to:

  • Help educate consumers on changes to the law that may influence their vehicle usage
  • Satiate the true car enthusiasts desire to stay up to date with the latest in technology, concept cars and more
  • Give drivers the opportunity to learn about vital aspects of their car’s maintenance
  • Remain safe on the road through understanding safety features better
  • Create easy to read, approachable content
  • Give Budget members another reason to return and engage with their insurer
  • Highlight the proactive approach the company has to their community



Briefings are undertaken on email with an agency working on behalf of the client.

Blogs were assigned on specific topics where writers had demonstrated genuine skill. Unashamedly Creative was chosen as the authority in the automotive knowledge.

This involves:

  • Conducting independent research into the automotive technology available
  • Staying up to date with driving trends, on-trend subjects for enthusiasts such as festivals and ensuring any information relating to law is correct at the time of print
  • Identifying suitable expert interview subjects on the topics
  • Writing the blogs and supplying them to the agency representative for review
  • Making the changes required to ensure publication
  • Writing to specified AP Guidelines and with due respect for backlinks and SEO


Blog topics were identified, researched and produced.

Contract has seen the production of some 20 or so blogs thus far and will continue to see production of a further 5 per month until August 2016.

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