Patreon-powered marketing for small business, social enterprise, startup and more

I’m introducing a Patreon-powered offering that focuses on marketing for small business, social enterprises, start-ups and fledgling ideas.

Consider it your end of (the hard year that was) 2020 gift, oh dear readers and clients.

It goes a little something like this (she says, sitting on her razzle-dazzle hands and speaking direct to the audience).

Would you like access to monthly advice on how to market yourself, create content, launch products, build audiences, communicate better, overcome obstacles and more?

You’ve come to the right place.

I’m introducing Patreon-powered marketing for small business, NFPs and start-up in 2021. That’s if I get enough people interested in the offering. So, if you’ve been looking for a low cost, consistent way to market your small business, start-up or NFP, I need your input!

My aim is to launch a Patreon that gives you access to marketing, support, mentoring, ideas, product management advice, planning and more.

Why? Because I’m tired of seeing great ideas and early-stage businesses denied access to support through a lack of funds and time. And ten years as a freelancer and twenty years before that working in agencies and large organisations means I have a lot of knowledge to share. Plus, this year was tough for small business, start-ups, social enterprises and people with kick arse ideas, so maybe it would be nice to know someone cares. Because I do.

9 words are on cards. they read pivot, invest, play, try, help, build, purpose, create, launch. They are the motivational cards used to inspire the launch of a marketing for small business, social enterprise and startup project via Patreon by Unashamedly Creative.
Cards by Unashamedly Creative

And let’s face it, the freelancer I was a decade ago that did things like barter marketing projects, community social media, built events and community around certain needs and more enjoys doing these fun, intriguing and different ways to help people.

I have a quote stuck to my wall that reads, “I’m an anarchist. But I still want room service.” This is about me doing something different and rebellious to help you. While also making sure it’s sustainable through crowdfunding.

So, I am trailing sharing this in a unique, low cost, consistent way for your benefit.

Because it’s for you, I need to know what would help. How do you like to learn? What could you expect to pay? What topics do you want to learn? That sort of thing. I have to see if this is viable.

That’s where you come in.

Do me a HUGE favour and tell me what you want when you’re looking for marketing for small business, NFP and start-up.

Do this survey. I promise it’s not painful. 

Why offer marketing for small business, social enterprise and start-up via Patreon?

Truth be told, I love a good crowdfunding experience. I find it keeps me honest when it comes to creating value. And it gives businesses access on your terms.

I’ve been running a successful Patreon for freelancers since 2018. It gives me the opportunity to do all sorts of things such as write specific content, conduct Q n A sessions, virtual classes, full blown marketing courses, virtual coaching and more to help freelancers on their journey.

2020 was a tough year when I lot of great small businesses, start-ups, grassroots movements, social enterprises and creators did a heck of a lot with every little. It’s been inspiring to watch. But it’s also tugged at my heart strings a little.

I know your budgets and access to information are linked. And the bushfires, COVID-19 and running projects to help early stage and strapped for cash businesses get up on their lamb legs has taught me that access matters.

Crowdfunding seems like the most consistent way to do this.

As a business owner, I need to make money. But I don’t need to make so much money that I only help people with big budgets.

Talking to Josh, the hardworking tradie who fixed my air conditioning this year, and several other businesses via my A to Z of Wollongong podcast and Get your Gong on business matchmaker project made me want to experiment with help out with education, introductions and marketing advice for small business, start-ups, social enterprise and more in a novel way.

But before I go and build something people don’t want, like the good product manager I am, I have my research hat on.

I am testing the waters to see if it is something you would like via this short survey. 


What’s in the survey?

Questions to get your opinions on what you would use, basically.

You’ll have the opportunity to nominate the kinds of things you would need, how hands on you’d like it to be – and even the price point! That way, I can design an experience for you.

What kinds of things can we expect?

As I already have the Freelance Jungle Patreon, I have had the chance to experiment. Now, I know what does and doesn’t work with your fellow self-employed people re: support and marketing for small business. So, I am looking at a similar model for this project.  Building on that knowledge plus adding in a special bunch of flourishes and new things to benefit you.

It goes a little something like this:

  • Forums and Facebook groups – the Freelance Jungle has a Facebook group that is open to any Australian or New Zealand freelancers to join on Facebook of 6500+ people (as of Dec 2020. It grows a lot). In addition to that, there’s also a separate forum for Patreon supporters as well as a dedicated Jungle Jobs group that approximately 200 people use on a weekly basis. This puts me in great stead to introduce you to the right advice and even the right freelancer when you need something done for your business.
  • Monthly webinar presentations – I jokingly call these “Death by PowerPoint” sessions but they are so much more. I’ve taught everything from pivoting under pressure through to how to say no to bad ideas, social media techniques and more. You can see a sample of them on Crowdcast. There are also ones I run on Zoom.
  • Q and A sessions – this is usually me and special guests – you can see this in action as paid and free sessions on the Freelance Jungle Crowdcast where I get everyone from local SEO experts to professional grant writers to sit down for an hour and talk you through what you need. A good example that might interest you is when I got 3 experts to talk about how to make an inviting retail space on a budget. 
  • Interactive Zoom classes – For freelancers, I’ve run classes on identifying your audience, getting over perceived and actual blocks, and pitching. When in the context of marketing for small business, it might be how to blog or lead generation or launching a product in a small business context.
  • Virtual coaching – Making coaching accessible and BS free is a huge love of mine. I use Slack to coach people as it means you can pour out what you are thinking, feeling and needing when it suits you. I can then respond and help you get back on track again. My coaching is about motivation, getting rid of blocks and challenges, and solving your pain points while keeping you accountable with homework and exercises.

Plus, ideas I am itching to try:

  • Quarterly content and marketing reviews – I bloody love a good review. It’s invaluable to have that fresh pair of eyes look over your website, advertising, marketing, social media, blog and whatever and give real, professional feedback. I used to charge $699 a pop for these bad boys, so it’s great to finally find a low cost, accessible way to offer them.
  • Match making events with freelancers – virtual and in person. I used to work in dating, so I love a good chance to introduce people. After running a virtual mixer between freelancers and business this year, I am keen to expand the program.
  • Dedicated planning workshops on marketing, social media, content creation and more. I’ve done these with a lot of success for the death literacy scene, start-ups, health-related business, small business, hospitality and more. So, I’d love to expand this. And I’d love to do dedicated ones across animal health, for tradies, hospitality and the like, too.
  • Personal introductions to reliable freelancers chosen to meet your project needs – think of this as no more emailing around, taking a punt in forums or dicing with poor quality on eBidding sites. I can personally vet the options and present you with a high-quality shortlist for your next project.
  • Whatever you say you’d go for! Well, within reason. I have no idea how to rob banks, tame lions or curl your hair.

Curious about how Patreon can be a mechanism for marketing for small business, start-up, social enterprise and your wonderful fledgling business ideas? To be honest, so am I.

Jump on the survey and give me your feedback. I’ll be in touch in the New Year!



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