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Receive small business marketing ideas and assistance with their execution under a cost effective retainer. Here’s how! 

Are you a startup or small business looking for someone to take care of your marketing or content creation? Would it be nice to have a consistent approach to your social media, blogging or marketing activities? Then you need the Unashamedly Creative retainer!

How the marketing retainer works

Small business marketing ideas can be tough to test and execute, let alone design and deploy. But that’s where Unashamedly Creative’s marketing retainer comes in.

With the Unashamedly Creative retainer, you receive regular marketing, content creation, social media and creative copywriting assistance for a set term. This is ideal for businesses and startups that recognise the need for regular, consistent effort with their marketing and content, but may not have the staffing level to support it.

The Unashamedly Creative retainers cover 1 day a week (or 1 day a fortnight) dedicated service on marketing, social media and content related activities. This is for a minimum term of 3 months. You pay an agreed rate of $550 incl GST per day of service (so in a month, that is $2200 for weekly assistance or $1100 for fortnightly assistance).

That day of service covers any tasks across social media, marketing, blogging and/or content creation that can be reasonably completed in that day of service.

You nominate the day of the week that suits your working needs, and we use that day to ensure you marketing, social media and content is as smooth as a summer fro-yo!

What can you use a marketing retainer for?

Some examples of what other clients have chosen to use their marketing retainer for include:

  • Social media scheduling and community management
  • Blogging and content creation
  • Creative copywriting for parts of websites or creation of new web pages
  • Marketing strategy and the planning and execution of marketing activities
  • Newsletter writing
  • Training of staff members on marketing, content creation, WordPress basis and social media

The main aim of a marketing retainer with Unashamedly Creative is to:

  • Promote your business
  • Build a community online around your business
  • Aid your team to understand the process of marketing online so they can pitch in and develop skills

We work together to identify the kinds of activities you need for your business or startup, and to ensure that the activities I work on match your sales and marketing goals. Each retainer is customised to suit the needs of the business I am working with. We work together to make your small business marketing ideas excel.

Marketing FAQs:

Here are some commonly asked questions in regard to the Unashamedly Creative marketing retainer.

  1. How does it work on a day-to-day basis?

You send me the work you need completed by midday of the day before your booked day. I ask any questions I need in order to do the work. I complete the work given in order of priority. Each day includes 7.5hrs of working on your marketing activities. At the end of the day, I send through what is completed. If you have time left over, it is banked. If the workload you have proposed exceeds the hours available, I notify you.

  1. What if I have a lot of work for you on a particular day?

Marketing retainers do not include a provision for overtime. However, you are able to purchase an additional day of support during your month should you need. This is billed at a rate of $550 for each additional day.

  1. Do you work out of my office?

Generally, no. The beauty of the retainer is I can work with you via Skype and email on your day without you needing to make space for me in your office. Even the most insistent clients usually find there is no need for me to be physically in the office to perform tasks. And this gives me the ability to service businesses and startups all-around Australia.

PLEASE NOTE: I prefer not to work out of other people’s offices as I have specific requirements with disability support seating most offices cannot provide.

  1. How does the training of staff work?

My aim with marketing retainers is to provide small businesses or startups the opportunity to learn from my skills and apply it directly to their business. As such, I am available to train your staff on social media, content creation, blogging and SEO, and of course marketing. I tailor the training to suit. So for example, it can be a case of providing educational materials and coaching. Or it could involve running workshops at your place of business (Sydney, Wollongong only- charges apply to businesses where travel and accommodation are involved) or at my place in Wollongong. Regular Skype meetings, online tutoring and workshops are just some of the ways I can help get your team up to speed. I tailor the learning to match your business needs.


Want to find out more about the Unashamedly Creative marketing retainer? Want to discuss your small business marketing ideas with someone who can help? Drop me a line!

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