Marketing workshop for early years learning diary creator


Butler Creative childcare resources is a company that saw the need for creating easy to understand, easy to use early learning diary and other supporting materials. The aim of the diaries is to help the family daycare sector and the childcare sector meet and exceed the requirements of Australian legislation. This meant providing fun, easy to follow and easy to use calendars, diaries and supporting assets to document the daily and weekly activities of Australia’s childcare and family daycare providers. As a Wollongong local, Butler Creative hired Unashamedly Creative for a customised workshop to help tighten the marketing strategy, increase outreach and tidy up the business for potential future buyers.


The aim of the marketing workshop was to:

  • Springboard the team from foundation marketing plan through to activities on a regular basis
  • Split the workload between marketing assistant, Unashamedly Creative and owner of Butler Creative
  • Close the loop on website copy, social media and other supporting marketing activities
  • Look at ways to enhance the saleability of the childcare marketing business as well as local parents portal, Illawarra Parents Guide
  • Focus on SEO, social media messaging and ensuring a strong presentation post marketing workshop
  • Understand content marketing and how it could be used in the childcare space
  • Find new ways to attract more early learning professionals to the Butler Creative offerings



Bulter Creative works were tackled in the following ways:

  • Researching, identifying and presenting a foundation marketing plan for the businesses run by Butler Creative
  • Creating this workable plan into a split of work between outsourcing to Unashamedly Creative and management within the team
  • Taking the research and marketing plan built and developing a workshop based on the content
  • Planning the execution of key tasks within the marketing workshop
  • Explaining and exploring ways to strengthen the business
  • Develop a strategy for exit



Unashamedly Creative worked with Butler Creative childcare resources on retainer for a period of 3 months post delivery of the marketing plan and marketing workshop to ensure continuity. The Butler Creative business and Illawarra Parents guide were both sold to happy, supported and interested parties. Butler Creative is still the market leader in early years childcare diaries and supporting assets.








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