Online Social Media for MotherShip Marine

MotherShip Marine is an Australian company that has built a world first in houseboat design. As a luxury houseboat that is eco-friendly, the MotherShip sleeps 12 in absolute comfort.  The MotherShip incorporates top interior design, quality boat building and all the little touches that make for a luxury boating experience.


After months of building, The MotherShip was finally ready to make her debut at the Sydney boat show.   Unashamedly Creative was charged with ensuring the online social media presence helped gain the boat a decent share of the audience.



The objective of Unashamedly Creative’s involvement in the launch was to:

  • Create a plan and manage the social media for the launch



Unashamedly Creative first reviewed the existing online social media channels and the bios for each.


Social media channels Twitter, GooglePlus, Facebook and Instagram were put into play. Unashamedly Creative:

  • Set each channel up
  • Provided the clients with cheat sheets and training on how to use them
  • Planned out the content for the launch period
  • Ensured the social media channels were connected properly to the website
  • Provided reporting on the social media
  • Ran a survey to gain customer sign ups
  • Managed the Facebook advertising



The Sydney Boat Show launch had an extremely tight timeline. In only 2 weeks, Unashamedly Creative had the social media up and running and interacting with the general public.

Unashamedly Creative worked closely with MotherShip Marine to ensure any press coverage or on-the-ground activity was covered across all channels, that promotion continued throughout the Sydney Boat Show, and that new fans and followers to the MotherShip were made to feel welcome.

As a result, The MotherShip made a successful debut at the Sydney Boat Show. Its fans and followers grew significantly across all social media channels and the client is now confident and proficient with looking after his own social media needs.

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