Welcome to the Unashamedly Creative portfolio page!

Yes, I am a total marketing nerd. And yes I love nothing more than helping out my startup, freelance and small business clients get a toe-hold on the fun worlds of content creation, social media, creative copywriting and more.

I know your marketing budget is super important. And it’s something you take pretty seriously. Knowing it is in safe hands with your chosen freelancer is really important.

So I have put this page together so you can get to know me a little better.

My philosophy is truth and creativity in marketing

I choose to work with clients who have the desire to build a loyal, happy customer base through a mix of honesty and clever marketing.

What does that mean?

Well, it means we work together to discover the true meaning behind your product and what attracts the right customers. We craft the best possible marketing campaigns, web copy and/or content to reach your intended audience without the cliché’s and the fluff. Between your knowledge of your customers and my knowledge of marketing, product development and creative copywriting, we build campaigns your customers not only notice, but love.

Unashamedly Creative is all about good, honest, positive positioning. So when your customers interact with your business and products, what they want is what they get. No disappointment when the marketing doesn’t match the experience. No one-size-fits-all marketing that doesn’t fit at all. And definitely no “everyone else is doing it” style solutions. The marketing message is tailored to fit your business and reach the right customers.

This is why everyone from authors to startups chooses to work with me. I hope you will, too!

But you probably need to see more than what I like to say about myself, right?

Check out my ever-growing case studies and make sure you check out my testimonials.

And if you like what you see, you know what to do! Get in touch via rebekah@unashamedlycreative.com.au

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