Want creative copy for your website? Looking for someone to put together a marketing plan for you to follow? Need a proposal written for a startup pitch or award?

Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place!

At Unashamedly Creative, I offer all kinds of creative copywriting, content creation, strategic marketing and consumer research related assistance on a project-by-project basis. I’ve worked with countless small businesses, startups, not-for-profits and advertising agencies to craft the projects they need. And I can help you, too.

How it works with projects

You send me an email, letting me know you are looking for someone to do a project. I’ll respond with a few qualifying questions, a request for a brief and/or tee up a Skype meeting. We can go through your particular project requirements and discuss what you need. Then I come back with a proposal based on the needs of your project, and any additional items you may benefit from to support the project’s marketing.

From the proposal stage, you review the options available. Once that is finalised, I send you a deposit invoice based on the elements you need and will advise you on when your project can commence.

Your project usually includes a set number of revisions and feedback cycles. This will be outlined in your proposal.

Once your project is complete, it’s a matter of paying the final invoice and pushing that baby live!

What kinds of projects does Unashamedly Creative do?

It really depends on what you need. I have a wide range of skills in marketing, content and social media that I can make use of. I also have a robust network of freelancers I can introduce you to or work with to make your project a success. That’s why that initial Skype discussion is such a good idea, as we can talk through what you have in mind and what your goals are.

To give you a rough idea, the sorts of ad-hoc projects I do include:

  • Writing website copy- creative copywriting and/or SEO copywriting
  • Setting up social media for someone else to manage
  • Content, social media and marketing plans
  • Writing marketing materials
  • Product and website testing (and advising on what needs to be fixed to get it up to code)
  • Editing, script writing and ghost writing (for books as well as articles)
  • Project management

This is only a snapshot of the sorts of things I have worked on in my time. I can help with all kinds of marketing, content creation and creative copywriting related tasks.

Curious? Why not get in touch and see how I can help.

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