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Can I interest you in some coaching, community management, content or marketing?

This is a terribly serious page where I attempt to reach out into cyberspace and tickle you in just the right way that you’ll entrusted your business baby to me.

Let me just take a deep breath… here goes nothing.

OK so chances are you’ve hit onto my website because you are-

  • Lacking the skills needed to market your business with confidence
  • So time poor that marketing and content tends to fall by the wayside
  • Looking to transform a green marketing team into a marketing dream team
  • Surrounded by wonderful opportunities and ideas but failing to act on them
  • Really not into that whole write about your business all the time thing
  • Willing to learn by doing what it takes to market your business

Still here? Great. Let’s do this thing.


My main aim with any start-up, freelancer or business is to be there when you need me (obviously) and to fade into the background once you don’t. Truth be told, I break out in a rash so vicious and nasty when micromanaged, you can probably see it from space.

I recognise my strengths are also my weaknesses. I work with clients so that you can either be completely hands-free, work alongside me as an equal or see me as your trainer.

As such, when I work with you, I can:

  • Slot in as the marketing team and content writer’s room you never thought you could afford to have
  • Build the foundation plans and strategy for the content, social media and general marketing activities you need so that you can execute them safe in the knowledge the planning is taken care of
  • Work with a junior employee to execute a strong plan and train them in the dark arts of marketing, content, SEO and community management under retainer
  • Take hold of that website, process document, ghost-written novel or other piece of major work and toil away on it on a project-by-project basis
  • Conduct the social media, marketing or content marketing workshop your company needs to refresh their creative eyeballs
  • Coach you through to your own marketing, content and business building efforts through the imposter syndrome, doubtful moments and twisty ideas

The process of engagement is usually one of four models:

  • You book me for a retainer of services that covers things like your social media marketing, your monthly newsletter, blogging and incidental writing
  • You purchase a standard item such as my foundation marketing plan or content plan for a set fee
  • I price a project such as a website or other lengthy project based on the scope of the project itself
  • You book in for a business coaching session or workshop for a set fee

MY LIST OF (slightly standard) FEES AND CHARGES

Let’s be honest with each other- I am too experienced and too good at what I do to offer the sorts of prices often seen on “bid for the work” style websites or by a fresh-faced graduate.

I do what I can to keep my prices competitive to ensure you can afford quality services.

Some of my standard prices include:

Item Description Price
Retainer A Retainer A includes 2 dedicated days of service per month across marketing, social media and content production $1000 a month,

minimum commitment is 3 months,

quarterly continuance

Payable in advance

Retainer B Retainer A includes 2 dedicated days of service per month across marketing, social media and content production


This includes creation of internal documentation, supporting PR elements, guest blogging, ghost writing, script writing, website page production and more

$2000 a month,

minimum commitment is 3 months,

month by month continuance,

Payable in advance

Content Marketing Plan Want to make your business hum with content marketing but not sure how to kickstart your story? This plan is for you. You can apply the same story line to blogging, social media creation and content such as rich media from the same story driven template $1200
Foundation Marketing Plan Ideal for start-ups and small businesses beginning their journey OR if you feel as though you’ve outgrown your current strategy. Includes customer definition, research, 6 months’ worth of marketing activities, competitor analysis, content management plan, disaster plan, editorial calendar as standard. $2400
Private workshop Let me bring the team together for social media, content marketing or general marketing skills.


Workshops are customised and tailored to your business and include a full day’s teaching as well as pre-education research and aftercare.

Price for Sydney, Wollongong or Kiama

$500 for the day for up to 6 attendees. Additional participants by negotiation.


Brisbane and Melbourne workshops

$500 plus flights, accommodation and out of pocket expenses


Contact me to arrange.

Business coaching I offer one off and recurring sessions for all kinds of business owners including start-up founders, small business owners, freelancers and the self-employed. $149 per hour.


Book ten sessions in bulk and receive 10% discount.

Content and websites I am well versed in project managing large scale websites in terms of user experience in relation to content. I am also a strong writer in relation to SEO, health and mental health writing, animal health content production, technology copy and anything in the start-up, small business or self-employed space POA as website work is based on scope.


Please note: My minimum website writing price is $1700.


Please note: These are by no means the only services I offer. They are simply some of the more popular ones so its easier to list them for your pretty little eyeballs to dance over here.

If you want something that is not listed- do get in touch.

Want to get this party started? Contact me now.


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