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UNASHAMEDLY CREATIVE SERVICESAh, so you’ve stumbled across the services offered for Unashamedly Creative. Are you looking for a freelancer who’ll work with you to create a big splash for your startup, small business or creative venture?


Great! That’s what I love doing. Let’s look at how I can help you.




  • Content Creation: Blogging and content creation is more than keeping the Google gods appeased. Content creation is about helping your existing customers understand your services better, reaching out to potential new leads and telling your business story. Open up new ways for your products to be discovered while keeping your existing customers happy, informed and connected to your brand with my content creation services. Find out how content creation can work for your business.
  • Consumer Research:  Knowing who your customers are and what inspires them to action when it comes to your product is vital to business success. From sparkly new startups looking for your initial customers to established businesses looking to reach new audiences and/or launch new products, my consumer research services will have your understanding your audience in no time.  Find out how consumer research can help with your business strategy and customer acquisition now.
  • SEO and Creative Copywriting: Truly great copy isn’t about jamming in keywords and hoping for the best. It’s about marrying the needs of search engines with the level of connection your customers are craving. That’s where I come in. Using SEO and Creative copywriting principles in tandem means your website not only ranks well, it converts the customers you attract. So don’t sacrifice your business personality or branding for dull SEO copy. Let’s build your business story and creative copy together.
  • Social Media Services: From planning the overall social media strategy for your business through to day to day assistance to keep your social media humming, I can help. I provide easy to follow plans, training, and all the grunt work to take your social media presence from ‘I happen to have social media’ to ‘my social media is really happening’. Reinvigorate your existing social media audience and find more of the same with my social media services today.
  • Marketing Strategy: While you are working in the trenches of your business, your overall marketing strategy shouldn’t be pushed to the wayside. With over 18 years experience in planning marketing campaigns and marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses, I can lay the foundations for your marketing while you keep the business running. Let me build on a strong marketing strategy for you to use now and into the future. Find out how.
  • Training and development: My aim is to empower businesses, startups and freelancers as much as possible. That’s why I offer a variety of training and development options for all kinds of budgets and business requirements. From big business team training sessions through to one-on-one pain point clinics and coaching, I have training and development packages to suit. Get in touch to discuss your next training and development opportunity.


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I’m always up for new marketing and content related challenges, so even if you can’t see what you need here in black and white, it can’t hurt to drop me a line via [email protected]



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