Consumer Research

By Maria Carrasco Rodriguez

Why should you use consumer research as part of your marketing?

If you don’t know your consumers, how can you possibly find new ones or maintain a fruitful relationship with the ones you have?


Knowing who your customers are and what makes them tick is a huge part of making a success out of your business. That’s why I offer consumer research to help bridge the gap between hypothesis, anecdote and fact.


Understanding who interacts with your product is an integral part of marketing to your customers. It can mean the difference between success and failure in the business world.



I’ve been deep diving into psychology, behavioural science and consumer research methodologies for over a decade and a half. I’m well versed in one-on-one interview techniques, able to read and interpret data for consumer modelling, have no problem with diving into a database to analyse trends.


In terms of consumer research, I can help you with the following:

·         Investigating and researching current consumer market trends

·         One on one interviewing and in-depth research

·         Identifying trends within sales and consumer interaction data

·         Creating personas

·         Consumer profiling

·         The development of action plans and research integrated marketing plans

·         Survey design and survey data analysis

·         Results publication and research report writing


Discover new ways to reach out to your existing and potential customers through a sound understanding of what motivates them to action with consumer research.


Why my approach to consumer research is different

A person who would like $100 for an hour of talking is vastly different to a customer who cares about a product or brand. So why pay money for their opinion when they have no interest in using your product?


The person with the loudest voice in a focus group setting doesn’t necessarily reflect the groups opinion overall. So why invite ten people to a room (and pay for them to be there) only to have them swayed by the opinions of one or two vocal individuals?


Tapping into the sort of information your customers, existing and potential, doesn’t come from flashy cash rewards or out-dated notions that encourage group think.


My consumer research is built on three key principles:

·         Using your current data to understand your customers

·         Enabling you to capture more information about your customers as time goes on

·         Matching what you learn with a solid understanding with consumer behaviour


In short, I take what you have available as a base for the consumer research and model it on what we do know about your specific customers and industry. And I teach you to capture more of the same.


Let’s get our research nerd on together and really understand your customers.


If you are looking to understand and interact with your consumers in a meaningful way, contact Unashamedly Creative for consumer research that works!


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