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Content marketing services offered by Wollongong & Sydney freelancer Unashamedly Creative

Why content marketing services?

To be frank, I offer content marketing services because your customers respond well to a great story. And I’m a damn good storyteller.

Content marketing helps the self-researching, empowered consumer to build trust on their terms with your brand. Your customers are already using content to research their purchases, find the brands that match their values and can provide the kind of customer experience they are looking for.

This is why content marketing is so very important. It gives you the opportunity to be front and centre during their search and research phase, and it provides a reason for your customers to keep coming back for more.

Creating great content gives you the edge when it comes to being visible, inviting conversation and being there to help with your customer’s purchase decisions.  And it helps you build a brand that customers trust and recommend to their friends.


Why does content marketing benefit you?

Content marketing allows you to control your business story. It efficiently and effectively answers the commonly asked questions your customers have, and it helps you grab an entirely new audience through providing information via search engines such as Google and Bing. Plus it educates your customers so they can make the most out of your products and services, and helps allay the fears they may have prior to purchase.

Modern day consumers dig deep before we part with cold, hard cash. By having content that helps your customers make their purchase decisions, you can be there during the research process and provide what is needed to create loyal, informed and word of mouth spreading customers.


The kinds of content marketing services I offer

It’s true there are a lot of writers and SEO specialists who say they produce great content, but in my experience, most of them are only looking at a half or a third of what you need.

A good content marketing service goes beyond SEO or blogging for the sake of having blogs. A good content service marries SEO copywriting with a sound knowledge of consumer marketing on the backbone of clever strategy.

Whether you are a seasoned content creator looking to investigate new ideas to make your content shine, or you’re new to content marketing and looking for ways to make content work for you, I can help.


I can help you with the following content marketing services:

  • Strategy through customised Content Plans: From analysing your existing position to identifying where your content marketing needs to go, I can help. My content plans are designed to help you not only understand content marketing but activate it the smart way with your team.
  • Content planning and scheduling: Let’s map out your venture into content marketing and get audiences tuning in to catch up with your latest piece of captivating content.
  • Blogging: Two heads are better than one! I’ll take the pain out of producing quality on topic, regular blogs for your customers.  
  • Content marketing workshops: Do you want to learn the art of content marketing for your business? Are you a large company looking to present content and its value to your clients? I’m adept at teaching from beginner to corporate level, online and in-person.
  • Newsletters: Bring the newsworthy back into your newsletter. I’ll have you gabbing over the cyber fence with your customers about the latest company news in no time.
  • Whitepapers, eBooks, articles: You share the knowledge and I write the content. Educate your customers and demonstrate your industry knowledge with whitepapers and eBooks that add value to your customer experience.
  • Guest blogging: Take a walk across the crowded room in cyberspace as I introduce you to the wonderful work of guest blogging without the dodgy ‘pay-as-you-go’ and scattershot approach.
  • Case studies: No need to draw a circle in the sand and blush while asking for testimonials and case study information. Let me act as your agent, conduct the interview and build the case studies that show just how useful your business is.
  • Scripts for video or podcasts: With experience in writing for TV, film and radio, I make your video or podcasts sing with creative, intelligent and to the point scriptwriting.
  • Quizzes and polls: Let’s have fun while we research and keep your customers engaged in the process with quizzes and polls designed to entertain and inform.
  • Book co-authoring and ghost writing: Take the hard work out of capturing your story. From children’s books to business biographies, I can have your new book plotted, planned and on the way to bookshelves in no time.


As you can tell from the amount of content on my website, I really (and I mean really) love content creation.  If you haven’t seen what you are looking for listed in my content marketing services, send me an email. I’m always up for the next challenge.

So what are you waiting for? Take your content marketing to the next level- Get in touch now! 


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