Creative Copywriting


What’s creative copywriting?

Creative copywriting is about arming your customers with the right kind of information to make a sound purchase decision first time, every time. It’s about capturing your business and product stories to help your customers understand your products better, share your concepts easily, and become invested in the products you offer. You use language to create a relationship with your customers, and they in turn use it to spread the word about you.


How do I spot a creative copywriter?

A creative copywriter is someone who knows how to use storytelling and marketing to craft business communication that does more than turn an SEO robot on. It’s about using copywriting to create a tone and voice that works for your business as well as makes your business voice distinct. With a creative copywriter, your copy won’t sound like everything else in the market. Your brand gets its own voice through the copy used.


Creative copywriters don’t play in the shallows of language and ship projects like McDonalds hamburgers. We care about what we write, and create copy based on the intended audience.


Does creative copywriting involve SEO?

Yes. However rather than choosing to rank as the first entry in Google or other search engines as the primary goal, creative copywriting is about ensuring when your customer clicks on your website, what they read gets them interested- and purchasing!


So it’s less about chasing poll position on Google and more about ensuring when the click through happens, it converts to a paying customer.


What can a creative copywriter like you help with? 

As a freelance writer and creative copywriter, I’m a word weaving ninja who can service your writing needs in both the business and creative arenas.


Unashamedly Creative can help with the following creative copywriting areas-


Online Copy Services: 

  • Website copy
  • Social media copy and content
  • SEO copywriting and blogs
  • eBook editing and eBook writing
  • Various content creation services


On-page and off-page SEO: 

  • Assessment of your current SEO technical and copy performance
  • SEO website copywriting
  • Social media for SEO
  • Advice and training on SEO back link and cross link techniques
  • Content creation and blogging for SEO
  • Testimonial creation, interviews and review gathering
  • Content curation and social bookmarking techniques
  • Guest blogging and outreach campaigns



ATL/BTL marketing: 

  • Product naming and tagline creation
  • Articles and opinion pieces
  • Quiz, survey and poll writing
  • Sales and advertising copy
  • Script writing for TVC, radio and creative development
  • Ghost writing, opinion and commentary


Internal Communications:

  • Product descriptions and internal sales communications
  • Business and marketing plan editing and review
  • Training manual development and process documentation
  • Intranet and extranet writing


Startup Specific:

  • Funding application writing and refinement
  • Pitch deck creation
  • Industry award applications, incubator and mentoring applications/requests



Creative Development: 

  • Editing and writing assessment services
  • Character creation (for gaming, virtual worlds and themed properties)
  • Story re-writes, co-authoring and creative content
  • Script writing and editing
  • Ghost writing services



I’m a huge word nerd who loves the challenge of balancing the customer conversation, creativity and the online conventions needed to create damn good copy.


Have you got my next creative copywriting challenge? Why not contact me and find out? 



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