Social Media Plans

social media planLooking for ways to cut down your leg work with social media, or finding you can’t quite work out the value in your current social media activities? Then the Unashamedly Creative Social Media Diagnosis and Treatment plan is totally for you!


The Social Media Diagnosis and Treatment Plan is designed to give you an honest assessment of your current social media state of play, plus give you the right advice for future activities.

The plan is designed to:

  • Critically examine the current state of play of your social media channels
  • Identify areas of improvement within these channels
  • Investigate new channels that may work with your intended audience
  • Develop a stronger relationship with your social media audience and look at ways to attract more of the same
  • Identify opportunities for converting fans and followers to friends and loyal, paying customers
  • Check out your current social media scheduling practices and identify areas of improvement
  • Assist you with tips, tricks and techniques that save you time, money and resources with your social media


How does it work?

  • Drop me an email indicating you’d like me to take a look at your marketing for you via the Social Media and Diagnosis Treatment Plan. Please include a brief outline of your current problems in this initial email
  • I pop on my Dr Diagnosis hat and send you through some applicable questions and a couple of exercises to fill in, together with the invoice
  • You pay the invoice, describe those symptoms further by answering the questions and completing the exercises provided. This will also include supplying any existing social media, web channels and/or examples of marketing you are currently using
  • It’s time for the exploratory surgery stage! I grab my scalpel and slice into your current social media channels and assess what is working, what isn’t, and critically analyse the current state of play for your marketing.
  • After this is complete, I couple this with the information you previously provided as well as my own research into your industry and create a suggested treatment plan
  • Once the suggested treatment plan is built, I’ll contact you to book an appointment, and we’ll hook up on Skype for an hour of intensive digging into your social media based on those findings
  • From here, the report is finalised and you leave with a sparkling new treatment plan for moving forward


Who is it for?

The Social Media Diagnosis and Treatment Plan is for any business, startup or freelancer looking to improve your existing social media presence. If you are curious about new social media channels and/or which ones would work best with your intended and existing audience, this plan is for you.

Is this you?

  • Your current social media feels tired or a lot of hard work for minimal return on investment
  • You want to minimise the time spent on scheduling and reporting on your social media, but are not sure how to go about it
  • You are migrating your social media to a junior member of staff and want them to have an actionable plan and guidelines to follow
  • You are unsure of how social media could work for your business and need advice on where to begin
  • You simply don’t have time to plan out your social media but want to make sure your ongoing activities are fruitful and lead to sales

If the answer is yes to any of the above, I can help.


The Social Media Diagnosis and Treatment Plan includes:

  • A review of your social media setup and scheduling tools
  • A review of current social media channels and their performance
  • Market and audience assessment
  • Suggested areas of improvement based on current practices
  • A selection of ideas to try with your existing social media
  • Suggested new social media channels to try (complete with the why)
  • A 1 hour follow up Skype call to talk you through your new plan

The Social Media Diagnosis and Treatment Plan is ideal for businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to have your current social media assessed for areas of improvement across interaction, value, lead generation, community engagement, branding efforts and more.


The Social Media Diagnosis and Treatment Plan is designed to give you the learning and information you need to improve your current social media situation while giving you the insight and tools needed to continue to confidently work on your social media into the future.

You’ll gain an understanding of the kinds of channels that work well with your particular field, plus have an actionable plan to remedy any current issues. This, together with an overview of how social media supports your marketing and business growth goals, will put you in good stead for future social media success.

Find out how you can improve the health and well being of your social media for a sassy $1200 (incl GST) 

Inject new life into your social media and give yourself an enthusiasm boost today! 

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