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social media services

Don’t get suckered into thinking social media is just a big sink hole for your time or some huge magic wand that will replace all your marketing. Social media is about building a presence where your customers want to interact with your brand and want to get…well, social!



Social media is great for business because it’s great for:

Networking- and reaching out to like minded businesses, all kinds of customers, industry leaders and more.

Building relationships- by creating an online place where your customers can interact and participate as part of a community centred on a mutual love of your brand. It’s the online version of walking into your favourite place and being recognised, welcomed and invited to participate.

Engaging with people- and starting the journey to customer loyalty. From asking your customers what kinds of products and promotions they’d like to see through to introducing yourself to a potentially new audience, social media is a great little ice breaker.

Customer service- and answering frequently asked questions, overcoming customer objections, and even putting out the fires associated with the occasional snafu.

On the spot sales – that reward the customers who regularly tune into your social media with sales, shift extra stock and generate that sense of urgency that gets customers buying.

Promoting your other forms of content- and acting as your personal distribution channel for your blogs, newsletter, press releases and news worthy business happenings.

Showing different sides of your business to audience – through bringing the behind the scenes, company vision and attitude to the fore.


Managed correctly, social media can be the best damn tool you could have in your marketing arsenal. That’s why I offer a range of social media services to suit your goals.


I can help you with the following social media services:

  • Planning your social media strategy
  • Assessing and revamping your current social media presence
  • Content creation for your social media (i.e. writing your social media posts)
  • Social media scheduling
  • Community management and community engagement
  • Planning and social media strategy
  • Social media training and workshops for you or your team
  • Reporting and social media analytics
  • Creating community guidelines
  • Mentoring in social media management
  • Social media expansion plans
  • Social media to support marketing campaigns


Don’t just let social media happen. Create a social media experience that you and your customers really enjoy participating in.


If you want someone to help you start your social media campaigns, or you’d like some help improving your current social media efforts, hit me up!  





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