Unashamedly Creative Clients

What kinds of businesses do I work with?

Unashamedly Creative clients past and present have come from all kinds of backgrounds including kid’s content, collaborative consumption, retail, fashion, dating, hospitality, education and more.

Coming from a customer research and product design and development background prior to marketing, I find I work really well with startups, small businesses and creative ventures.

If you are doing business in a different way, I am the freelancer you need.

I understand the unique challenges brand new products and startups have in discovering their audience, introducing an entirely new ideas and encouraging customers to take a leap and try something new.

Unlike a lot of freelancers, I’m not here to simply do your copywriting or run a workshop, never to be seen again once the invoice is paid.

I like rolling up my sleeves and working on your business as if it was my own, working out a marketing strategy and content creation, and training you in the skills you need to continue that work after I am gone.

I’m probably the biggest marketing geek and word nerd you’ll ever meet. I truly love what I do. Therefore, I choose to work with clients I believe in and that give me a sense of accomplishment and pride. I adore new ideas, finding new ways to crack old problems and being a part of something new.

Being a freelancer, especially one that works closely with people who are trying to make a change through positive and inventive business ideas is much more interesting to me than a big fat pay cheque.

I want to use my writing and marketing skills to make a difference, so I only work with clients who have ideas that reflect my interest in community, creativity, inventiveness, sustainability and innovation.

This is why I’ve worked in collaborative consumption and the sharing economy, crowdfunding, kid’s content, online and local community management, with creative bodies, in sustainability and with businesses looking to put Australian startups and business ideas on the map.

If you’re a business that is doing what you do for more than just profit, please contact me.


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