Welcome to the FAQ for Illawarra marketer and Sydney copywriter Unashamedly Creative

Here’s hoping I can answer all those burning questions you may have about Unashamedly Creative!

Who are you and what do you do?

Unashamedly Creative is the freelancing name for creative Sydney copywriter, content creator and strategic marketer, Rebekah Lambert. If you are looking for a diligent,  thoughtful and creative person to help with your marketing needs, that’s me!


Why are you called Unashamedly Creative?

I’ve never been ashamed of being creative, whether that is in a business sense when working on marketing, social media, copywriting, content creation, events and research for clients or if I am working on any of my creative projects. Being a creative thinker is a wonderful thing, so why not be proud of it?


Why  is your tagline “putting truth and creativity back into marketing”?

Having spent over a decade and a half in the marketing industry I noticed two key ingredients often missing out of a sound marketing mix- truth and creativity.

By being truthful about your product, you attract the right audience from the outset, avoid the disappointment associated with a lot of first interactions with a new business, and build loyalty through a consistent customer experience.

Using creativity helps create a space that is unique for your product that customers immediately identify as yours. None of this following your competitor’s lead business! We create your story, use techniques that work and stand out from the crowd through being creative, innovative and special.

If you want to know why you should choose me over other freelancers, check here. 


What kind of marketing and business experience do you have? 

I haven’t always been a Sydney copywriter and content creator. I have worked for over 20 years in marketing and client services with multi-nationals, private companies, the startup world and a host of small to medium businesses. So I would say that is a big tick in the Yes box.

You can find out more about me via my bio, check me out  on LinkedIn, and having a scoot about this site! 


What kinds of businesses have you worked with?

Sometimes I wonder if it is actually more a case of what haven’t I worked on! I’ve worked across countless industries including dating (straight, gay and lesbian markets), IT, hospitality, wine appreciation and education, tourism, real estate, construction, product management, warehousing and logistics, import/export, startups, children’s entertainment, education, academic publishing and editing, virtual worlds, parental guidance, retail, channel sales, SME, B2B, B2C, FMCG, health and fitness, personal coaching, crowdfunding, collaborative consumption, peer to peer review, permaculture, community groups, the music industry, radio, theatre companies, film and film production, publishing, women in business, online art communities, print management, mobile Apps and more.

Phew! That’s a lot of marketing strategy and words from this here Sydney copywriter and Illawarra based marketer.


Who do you prefer to work with?

I enjoy working with businesses that fall within innovative and interesting fields, especially where writing and content is respected.

I’m bang up for any business idea that shows a bit of sparkle, which is why I often find myself working within the Australian startup scene. I also have a keen interest in businesses that include some kind of caring for the community in their ethos, hence my longstanding love affair with the sharing economy and collaborative consumption.

My aim is to work on projects I can be proud of. So I’m always open to a cool, creative, challenging or fun idea. Bring your startup, business, community activity or cool thing my way!


Why should I choose you over another freelancer?

The added bonus with me is not only am I pretty seasoned, I’m extremely passionate and I can service you across marketing, social media, strategy, content, events, copywriting and research. Also, if I can’t help you I can probably introduce you to someone who can, considering I also advocate and promote the Australian freelance community.

I have testimonials from happy clients and do well through repeat business and referral so I must be doing something right!

You can also check out why you should choose me  if you need convincing.


What’s with the Labrador?

Every good writer has a muse and mine is a Labrador called Gibson. He also fills the role of Morale Officer  and kicks me out of the chair when I need a break. I believe there are some definite advantages to having an office Labrador.


Do you offer design services?

I’m colourblind. So I don’t personally offer design, web design or photography. However I do have a great relationship with a bunch of freelancers that I can introduce you to or even manage for you for various project aspects.


Do you do free work?


My commitment to helping businesses is now reflected in the amount of free content, resources and general advice through my website and social media channels.

After almost 2 decades in the industry, the need for me to ‘gain experience’ or pitch for jobs with free samples has well and truly come to an end.

My volunteer time is given to puppy care for Assistance Dogs Australia and in mental health support. I think that’s enough of a contribution to society for one little Sydney copywriter, don’t you?


How much do you charge?

It really depends on the scope of the project and the kind of help you need. To make sure you get what you need at a price that suits you I offer project by project rates in addition to day rates and retainers.

When we first start discussing your project, I will let you know what your options are, and we will agree on a quote or rate and term before any work commences.

My rates are very reasonable, (some say way too cheap!) and being a small operator myself, I do my utmost to ensure you get the best result for your available budget.


Do I need to pay you a deposit?

Yes. Work doesn’t start until the deposit is paid and the payment clears in my account.

For ad-hoc project work to the value of 50% prior to work commencing.

For retainers, work is billed on a month by month basis with a minimum contract term of 3 months.


Does this ever change?

No. Part of us agreeing to work together means you need to make a commitment of a financial kind so that the business relationship we have begins on the right footing.

Besides, it’s very hard to do good work for someone when you are hungry and paranoid the lights will go out!


Can I offer you equity in my company instead? 


I’m not in a position to take deferred payments or % of your profits based on sales. As freelancing is my sole source of income, I simply cannot accept situations where payment is made “sometime in the future”. I am sure you understand!

So you can get a better understanding of why the majority of freelancers cannot afford to do profit share, I have also blogged about why freelancers don’t do profit share.

I’m a marketer, content creator and Sydney copywriter. Not a New York Rockefeller with time on my hands!

What happens if I run late with paying you?

I don’t do any (more) work until you pay and reserve the right to with hold completed assets until such time as the accounts are in order.

In the case of balance owing it is probably a good time to mention the Labrador isn’t all smiles and puppy dog tails, my partner is a black belt in karate and my sister is a rather tenacious lawyer, and let you do the math.

Seriously though, I use a debt collection service with late payers and charge interest on outstanding debt. I also have no hesitation in adding businesses that are serial late payers or refuse to pay for extended periods to bad credit lists.


Can you work out of my office?

As I have a very mild version of cerebral palsy called left side hemiparesis, I tend to prefer working in my own home as I have set up my workstation to match my specific needs to minimise limb, back and neck stress and to support my balance appropriately.

I don’t mind coming in to do work that requires that face to face touch, but I do ask that the work station provided is set up so as not to create me pain, and that you understand if I say I need to work from home, I’m not just missing my pyjamas!

To be honest though, most of the time I find it isn’t really necessary, and have successfully worked with clients from all around Australia and overseas without face-to-face meetings.

Besides, I type like Beethoven playing the 5th and even the most insistent clients have found after the first couple of weeks the desire for peace usually outweighs the companionship.


Where are you based?

I’m based in Wollongong and have a part-time desk in Sydney. I have serviced clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania, The Barossa Valley and all over New South Wales- and I have worked with clients in the USA, Canada and South America a lot of the time without even meeting.

Vive la Skype, email and online workspaces! It’s the saving grace of the Sydney copywriter.


Can you edit my stuff? Give me some advice?

Sure. I can edit creative, academic and commercial work and have done so for quite a few years. Again, this is a paid service. Drop me a line and let’s see!


I have a creative story I am writing, are you interested in co-writing it with me?

I have co-written with a number of people on film, animation, short stories and children’s books. This is paid work and I accept these projects on a project by project basis. The best suggestion is to set aside a budget and get in contact.


I am digital/marketing agency who need someone for a short contract, are you interested?

Maybe. Send me an email and let me know what it entails. You never know your luck in a big city! But please keep in mind I will have expected you to do the appropriate research and work out the opportunity you have available before approaching me.


We want to partner with you to offer content marketing services at our agency. What would that look like?

As a Sydney copywriter with a marketing background and strong experience in content marketing, I receive multiple offers of partnership per year.

I expect you to have moved beyond the nice idea of combining forces to have your ducks in a row and your offer completely formed. I expect you to know how much work would be available, what kind and also know a dollar value per month to consider working with you.

Also, please don’t ask me to come to your office in Sydney so you can watch me drink coffee. This proves absolutely nothing about my content marketing abilities. I am happy to Skype.

I am from a recruitment firm and I have a really super special full time job to offer you and…

Unless Thom Yorke or Richard Branson sent you, I am not interested. But thanks anyway.


Do you accept guest blogging posts?

I only accept genuine guest blogs posts on my site. To qualify as a guest blogging situation, it needs to fulfil the following requirements:

  • The exchange is mutual. In other words, if you want to be able to guest post on my blog, I need be able to guest post on yours. This is a must for this Sydney copywriter.
  • It’s a genuine guest blogging situation. I only post blogs for genuine freelancers, or a select group of businesses I believe in.
  • It is original content. I do not want agency requests to post clients blogs. I do not post content that is also being posted elsewhere. And I don’t want your shitty Infographics or the latest piece of trash you are sending to 67 other websites.
  • You find out about me. “Dear Sir” or “Hello” doesn’t cut it. Nor does asking me to host stuff about dodgy eBidding sites or smoke detectors. Do your research, please.
  • It is unpaid. I don’t accept paid advertorial on my site under any circumstances. Offering money doesn’t change the fact I only accept genuine blogging proposals.

Like I said- genuine guest blogging requests. Not outreach programs.

Please note, due to the high volume of dodgy guest blogging requests received, I don’t respond to all requests. If you are a legit blogger looking for a mutual exchange, please take a gander at my blog ‘So you want to guest post on a blog’ and use this as your guide.

If you are genuine and I have not responded, please feel free to hit me up via Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.



Do you take paid advertisements or sponsored blog posts? 

No. Not under any circumstances. I will happily blog about the products and services I think are great from personal experience, either as a client or through experiencing them for myself.

I will not accept any kind of offer for paid advertisement on my site or any kind of sponsored blogs from content placement companies. It’s a trust thing for my readers. I’m a content creator who likes that people trust her. As a Sydney copywriter, I don’t want to enter the world for cash for comment.

Please don’t send me emails regarding paid placement on this site. You just end up in the same place as the SEO companies from overseas- in the JUNK MAIL.


Do you have any references?

Yes. You can check out my sassy testimonials here.  You can also stalk me on LinkedIn.


Do you have samples of your work?

Yep. You are looking at it. Please feel free to check out my content and let me know what you think! You can also check out my achievements with my clients.


Still keen on me as your chosen marketer, content creator and Sydney copywriter? Get in touch now!