The Unashamedly Creative freelance marketing consultant is born

It wasn’t that long ago I decided to become a freelance marketing consultant. And here I am. It’s hard to take a moment and breathe, reflect and count the rain drops as they race down the window pane.

Six months ago, I launched my own business called Unashamedly Creative.

Four months ago, I quit my secure but mind numbing day job and went out on a wire in search of my own clients.

At times it’s been hairy, blushingly embarrassing and so surreal. But I have finally made it.

Is this what it feels like to be all grown up?

I have worked in marketing for fifteen years. I’ve seen great ideas and fantastic bosses inspire and teach every step of the way.

I’ve been at the mercy of bemusing ideas and bosses who couldn’t lead dog to a tennis ball with a map and a pocketful of liver treats.

Every moment has been an experience, every idea good or bad a step towards this result.

I get to step up, put on my armour and rescue marketing. That’s a big undertaking for a freelance marketing consultant. Especially one that doesn’t have grand plans to start an agency or discover world domination.

My philosophy is every product or service ever created has a rightful place.

It exists for a reason to meet some kind of need, want or desire. It has merit based on what it can give to its audience and intended consumer.

Marketing is necessary so people know about you exist and can influence a decision.

It can remind, introduce and educate. It can tantalise, fantasise and be a friend. It is the arrow to a product or service which brings the intended consumer to it.

Truth and Creativity in Marketing

Smart marketing begins with creativity. You need it to cut above the white noise.

Next comes truth, because the marketing you’ve used needs to match the customer’s perception once they start using the product.

I’m neither ashamed to tell you the truth about your product, or to pitch you a creative marketing idea. I am a freelance marketing consultant who is going into bat for you. I promise never to bamboozle you. Or think of my profits over your business needs.

Hence Unashamedly Creative is born.

Need a freelance marketing consultant to help your business? By all means, get in touch! 

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