Introducing the website copy flash diagnosis service

Want to improve your website copy but not sure where to start? Want to do it without feeling like you’ll be pressured into a complete rewrite of your existing website? Sounds like you need my flash diagnosis service for your marketing materials.

Think of it as a copy review with extra punch. Not only will I look at the way the website copy presents, it’s about applying my knowledge of product development and marketing. Plus, I have a wonderfully expensive SEO tool that is simply fantastic at picking up areas of technical SEO and SEO copy improvements.

What does a flash diagnosis of your website copy entail?

It’s about me reviewing your website copy and other written assets and giving sound advice on what you could improve. These improvements include things like looking at:

  • How your website copy is performing from an SEO perspective
  • Whether it is enticing to your customers from a sales and marketing perspective
  • The ability for key assets such as your FAQ or help files to answer questions and provide the help required
  • Seeing if the branding personality matches what is presented
  • The relatability of your marketing assets and website copy with your audience
  • Any errors, omissions or areas of confusion your customers might encounter

The aim is to empower you to improve your website copy, review your marketing assets and make changes and adjustments that help your ability to attract and retain customers. I’m referring to website copy as it tends to be an area where a lot of small businesses, freelancers and start-ups tend to need the most help.

However, you can apply my content flash diagnosis to all kinds of written assets including printed materials, newsletters, internal documentation for staff and more. I can quote on customise job lots as well.

Why am I offering a website copy flash diagnosis?

There are a couple of motivations.

website copy diagnosis service
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What I find is that over time, website copy changes as the needs of the business does. This tends to happen internally. The issue with this is that if you are too close to your business, you can forget what it’s like to be a new customer. That means marketing and content often read for people with the inside knowledge on a product or service. We forget that sometimes, it takes time to grasp concepts, terms and ideas in our industry. And we can accidentally alienate our intended audience by using language they don’t understand.

Another reason is that small businesses, start-ups and freelancers often hire professionals during the website building stage and then make do until the next website update comes along. This means that the website copy can become inconsistent as different voices add pages and update products and the like. It also means that Google SEO requirements, which usually updates on a 6 to 12-month basis, tend to slide over time. If it’s four years or more since your last website rebuild, you’re in danger of using out-dated SEO techniques.

Finally, teaching good habits like a yearly review of content can help your website copy stand the test of time. Yet many business owners are worried about the expense. By offering a diagnosis service, I can let you know what it looks like with the fresh eyes of your customer. I can back it with practical strategies from my decades of experience as a product manager, marketer and content marketer. Combing these two elements in a plan you can easily execute yourself helps you draw on my knowledge while saving you time and considerable expense.

What are you waiting for?

To receive your website copy flash diagnosis, simply flick me an email and we can arrange it.

Cost is $499 for a standard size website. Other assets are price on application, depending on volume.

Contact me today to arrange your website copy flash diagnosis!





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