Website copy writing for Blacktown Markets

Website copy writing can be a challenging endeavour. Working with Blacktown Markets on their new website copy was definitely one that stands out.

A lot of customers will come to you in a rush. They want their website up and running last week. In this case, the deadline and time constraints came from the choice of developer.

The Blacktown Markets website was a collaborative effort. The client, Unashamedly Creative and Two Ten Solutions worked to design, develop and deploy an entire website in less than 4 weeks.

The deadline was set by forces that don’t respect your standard work day challenges. Our deadline was the impending birth of the web developer’s twins.



The objectives for this website copy writing project:

  • Focus on customers from the identified target markets:
  • Casual and Permanent stallholders of the Blacktown Markets
  • Regular and casual visitors to the markets
  • Create a website that was responsive and easy to view across desktop, tablet and smart phone
  • Deliver copy that spoke to the two sides of the marketplace- stallholder and market visitor
  • Streamline the stallholder registration process
  • Encourage market visitors to return to the website and social media for updates



Briefing was undertaken on email with the client.

Two Ten Solutions and Unashamedly Creative worked in tandem to create the website. We included regular touch points and iterations between design and copy. Each iteration included changes going like on the staging site to provide real time reviews.

Unashamedly Creative managed the majority of project management.

Once this process was complete, Unashamedly Creative set about designing the website copy.

This involved:

  • Identifying SEO keywords
  • Creating personas for the casual stallholders, permanent stallholders and visitors to the market
  • Crafting a tone of voice and brand position for the web copy
  • Following the wireframes supplied by the developer
  • Delivering a copy deck in sample, draft and finalised form for the client to review
  • Providing advice and tips on how to improve the SEO ranking post-launch


The Blacktown Markets website launched in December 2014. This website was delivered to SEO and customer specification.  It was successfully reviewed, delivered and live in the market without impacting the birth of the twins. And without the twins impacting the birth of the website.

The website is now a hub of activity and information.

Hats off to the guys from Blacktown Markets. They were one of the easiest, most efficient and most understanding clients Cathy and I have worked with.

blacktown-markets website copywriting

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